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Hi everyone. I have read some postings for electologists in the nyc area, but they seem to have been posted a while ago and I was wondering if anyone in queens, long island, or manhattan could give me an update about any experiences they have had with good electrologists. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Tahnk you.

In long island I’ve used Fino Gior. His information I found at The treatments went good, but he was a little far, painful, and too expensive for me. I now use someone in brooklyn who is closer to manhattan, not very painfull, and charges only $60 per hour. The number for apointments is 718-376-6969. I’m very satisfied. Let us know how it went.

thank you for your reply mina, I have not yet been to any treatments. I think about it and then I constantly read new posts about someone saying they have bad reactions to the electrolysis. This is what scares me. I have very sensitive skin. Yes, the hair is extremely embarassing, but burn marks or permanent scars on my face would make me feel even worse. I was seriously considering Fino Gior and trying to research everything I can about him, but my skepticism still lingers in my mind. Can you tell me what part of brooklyn the one you currently use is in. I really appreciate it. Thank you soo much.

I would highly highly recommend Fino Gior. I used two electrologist before him for 5 years and there was constant regrowth and it was not permanent. I then swicthed to Fino and within a few sessions all my hair was removed permanently. After he completed what I initially wanted, I kept on getting removal on other parts of my body, because he was the BEST. I use Elmax to put on before therefore I am numb. Even when I did not use Elmax it did not even hurt( i am afraid of shots and needles at dr’s offices). I recommneded Fino to many friends and they also say he is the best. I also have used his sons in the office, which do just as good as a job as Fino. Fino really is A++++++++ material and you should definelty go and see him, he really had changed my life. I don’t know even how to thank him, beacuse he made a huge impact on me.

hi, you say you have used fino already. May I ask if there was any irritation on the skin? Thank you so much for your reply. I really do appreciate it.

Hi litalmystic,

I’m not from Brooklyn so I’m not sure. I take a subway.

I went ot Fino before and he is good too. But my skin irritation is much less now, and I don’t need to use any numbing cream.

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I often refer my clients to Arlene Batz in Queens. She has been an electrologist for about 15 years and is a Board Certified CPE. She uses all modalities and my clients make wonderful progress under her care.

hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve come in here. I’ve been reading what other people had to say about different experiences they have had and I have to admit that although there is much more positive than negative on this site, I was very afraid to try electrology, but I was more afraid of having to shave everyday for the rest of my life. I finally made up my mind to go and I chose Gior in Great Neck, long island. Fino Gior’s son, John is the one performing the service. I went in for my initial consultation where he did a test patch. (my side-burn area) I waited for about a week to see if my skin would react in any way and I did have a couple of small scabs, but I was told not to pick at them and they would go away. I didn’t pick and about 4 days later, my sking was normal and I had a small hair free area. After that I called to schedule my first full appointment. The pinch from the actual procedure wasn’t that bad, so I scheduled an hour. Yesterday was one full week since my appointment and I am going to schedule another. I did have a few scabs, but I should mention I have sensitive skin and I am indian, so I have brown skin tone. My skin is clearing up and I do have about five or skin brown spots, but I used to get millions of brown spots after waxing so I really do think it’s my skin and not the electrology session, but they are fading and it’s only been a week. Anyone waiting because they are unsure should just go and a test patch. I really do regret waiting as long as I did. I just thought I should share a good experience. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask. I’ll be back often to keep my progress posted. Take care everyone. There is hope out there yet.

It really is true that lots of people could be finished in all the time they spend agonizing over doing it or not.

I am glad you are getting it done, and will soon be happily bare.

Do Fino and his family a favor and post something in his post string in the referral section.