New user to one touch

Hi there, after trying the so called “electric tweezers” and stumbling upon this site which claimed that the one touch by inverness actually worked I purchased the product.
Ive only had it a few days so I dont know if it works or yet not, but I do have some questions and I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer.
First of all is there any way to minimize the red bumps/marks that appear afterwards?
Ive been using the one touch on my eyebrows, only to have red acne type marks which have been here for over 4 days.
Second of all , because the pin is spring loaded, how do i know if i have actually entered the root or if iam simply burning the surface of the skin?
I checked out a site recommended on another post which also mentioned this problem recommending that I remove the tip and use only the needle.
But how would I do this? I dont want to go taking apart and breaking this 30 piece of equipment i just bought…
ANyways i apologize for the length of this post. Any help or tips anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. I really want to just get rid of this unwanted hair and be done with it.

Doing your face is kind of difficult since you have to use a mirror. Some facial hairs, especially if you have blonde hair the folicle itself can be very narrow and inserting the probe can be difficult. You may want to try the proble first on another part of your body like legs. The hair on our legs is generally very durable, and so is the skin. The probe will slide into the folicle, you will usually notice some white stuff bubble to the surface. A successful extraction is when the hair slides out with ease and there is a clear-like membrane around the base of the hairshaft near the root. If it is DRY, then it was not successful

The red bumps can take a week to go away, depending on the part of your body. Again, legs clear up fast. They are use the abuse of our razors <grin>. After treatment, there are white bumps, almost like a mosquito bite, they go away within 24hrs then you have some redness. That is just the folicle that has been damaaged. I myself uses moisturing body wash and a loofa spounge, and very lightly clean the treated areas, then I apply AHA twice a day. That helps to heal and remove old skins cells and bring new skin cells to the surface.

You absolutely do not want to let the device sit on the surface of your skin for very long. It can damage the skin. Like I posted earlier, try it on a different part of your body first. Get the hang of what it is like to insert the probe, and not use your face as the guinnea pig.

The stylet tip does have a spring in it. You can’t pierce the skin. If you remove the end piece and then remove the stylet tip, hold the stylet tip and just gently touch the tip of it to your finger and press. You will notice that it retracts up and down. Be careful doing that, they can bend very easy, but you will see how the tip functions and why it cannot pierce the skin

And one last thing, that Andrea has posted on her website

Many have attempted to do their own electrolysis. Many failed

So, not everyone is successful doing it themselves. The One Touch does work, it just requires a whole lotta patience, and there is a slight learning curve to it. Read some of the other posts on the board with regards to the One Touch. Good luck

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In order to replace a probe, the tip of the stylet can slide off. With this end off, it exposes more of the probe, which when used in this configuration could help in treating very deep rooted hairs. Eyebrows are not the best place for you to learn how to use the unit as you will not be an expert at first and you don’t want your mistakes broadcast on your face; plus eyebrows are generally not deep rooted and are often a sensitive area, another reason not to learn there. If you have red bumps for that long, you may have over-treated, which is even more apparent on shallow rooted hairs. Using a much lower setting to avoid over-treatment is the best solution to red bumps.

Although the tip is spring loaded, it can eventually pierce the skin because of the electricity flowing through it. It can “burn” it’s way through eventually. This is important to be aware of because while you are treating the root at the bottom of the follicle it is possible to continually insert the probe farther than needed as the probe burns away the surrounding tissue. If you insert the probe before making contact with the metal band you will have a better chance to feel (and see when the spring probe begins to stop) when you have reached the bottom of the follicle. You would then complete the electrical connection by contacting the band with your finger and be sure to maintain the depth of the probe at the same level (not continually going deeper).

You should also be aware that the guide at the very end of the tip where the probe comes out, is also metal and often touches the metal probe while treating. If you contact the skin with this metal part of the tip, it will likely apply energy to the surface of the skin, causing more damage.

Pish and NoHair have good advice. :smile:

I do not recommend starting out on your face. Start on your arm for practice until you get the hang of it.

You can often reduce the red bumps with aloe gel immediately after, and Tend Skin in the following days.

For moe tips, see:

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