New Type of Laser? Is this the solution

Hi All,
I haven’t had the greatest result with the Alex I have been using setting 16 on the highest spot size. I can’t go higher on that machine because I am a skin III - IV. I am treating hormonal areas (back and shoulders)

I have been reading about this new laser machine the High Speed LightSheer Duet vs. 755nm . Could someone please provide some advice on this new lightsheer, they say the results are better, less painful treatments, It hits the follicles harder.

If I were to try, will I experence a hair free period, will I shed? What setting should I ask to be on (i want to be treated on a high setting if possible). Okay. lookin forward to hearing what yall will have to say.

bye lawrence

Plus It is a lot cheaper and quicker!!!

They are trying to copycat the Soprano XL by giving faster treatments and less pain. They are using a different method though.

No one can tell you what YOUR final result will be. This is a gamble and you are putting yourself at risk for laser hair stimulation for these areas. An alexandrite is a great laser and if you didn’t see results with this, then I’m doubtful about any other laser. You will have to just go ahead and get treated with this new laser and see what happens FOR YOUR HAIR PROBLEM, that is, if you want to take a risk.

I just watched the show on NBC called, THE DR’s. A young Italian woman has had a hair problem on her back her whole life. The segment was less than truthful about laser hair reduction. She was treated by a physician with a GentleYAG, a very good laser indeed. She said it didn’t hurt much. They showed a before and after picture. They deceived the good audience by not telling everyone that her back had to be shaved prior to laser, so when one saw the after picture, she was totally hair-free. Of course it looked like a miracle had happened in about 45 minutes because she was shaved! The “good” doctor said she will need a couple more treatments, 6-8 weeks apart. DO you think, I mean, DO YOU REALLY THINK, that they will bring this young lady back in about 18 months and show us her results? What will she say about her experience in 18 months? I’m betting they won’t. Instead, we are left with the image of a hairy back and then a shaved back! How is the consumer supposed to know they were being taken? This show has made mistakes before about laser hair reduction. What else might they be deceiving the public about? I don’t take anything they say so seriously after seeing this.

Laser’s for hair reduction have probably reached their maximum returns. Anything new is not that exciting unless someone has discovered how to get fine hair of any color ot thick hair of any color.

Lawrence, please go forward and do your neighbors a favor by reporting back here about your results in about a year or two.

Thanks Dfahey for your response. I will do a bit more research and maybe have a go in the new year.

Could anyone advise me on the appropriate settings that I should be using (minimum settings for results). And is there a hair free period after treatment?

I will report the results on the forum after a good period of time.


I just saw that show dfahey, it’s actually a GentleMax (Alex+Yag)

Yes, you are correct, they did say GentleMax for all skin colors. Thanks for pointing that out.

A diode is not going to give you better results than an alex. If alex is not working at high settings, you likely need electrolysis. The hair is probably just not coarse enough.