New Topic Sheet For Tom's Experience...

hello all, i noticed my last thread was getting pretty long, so i thought id start a new one…
so here is a picture before any work done…
Before any work

and here is where i am now, right after my 14th apt. so far i have had 27 hours of work done on me. i started trimming my hair so thats why the untreated areas look so thin…
After 14th apt (27 total hours done)

oh i should point out, that in this most recent hour, she was able to cover the entire area she had ever worked on to-date

What is your logic? The topic is long, so let’s split it up so no one can find the beginning to match it to the end?

Just keep it toghether. We don’t mind long posts, and we love long post strings. The longer the strings, the more information that is in them, the fewer times we have to answer the same questions again.

If your original post threat runs from start to the end of your hair problems, it will go a long way to telling people the full story. That alone will cut down on many repeat questions. (like, um, does this really work? Has anyone every really finished?)

Your looking good. Glad you stuck with it.

my logic is this was a quick way for someone to see how far ive come without having to read through a huge string of posts
sorry if this bothers you

I think it’d probably help to post this twice, here by itself and with your original string if someone who is new to the forum wants to follow the entire process. This is a good way to look up someone’s progress after a considerable amount of time since you do indicate the # of hours etc. I would also probably include a link to the original thread here to make it super easy <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

It doesn’t bother me. I am just pointing out that at the very least, you should keep the other one going as well, and not abandon it. If I misunderstood your intentions, I apologize.

Its better in one thread as its quick to scroll down if you don’t want to read the first few posts plus I bet most people enjoy reading everything (its addictive and instructive to see a person’s travails from beginning to end in one place)!

Anyway, it looks good so far.