New (to U.S) home IPL machine, the ELOS version...

The first home light based hair removal device that is “safe for all skin tones”. (although it does say not for “black/very dark skin”, they def. have a fitz VI on the site though). Since it’s ELOS, it’s IPL + RF. The EU site claims it works on light hair but I don’t see any words about that on the U.S. Same machine though, and maybe i’m just missing the hair color verbiage on the U.S. site.

Well, it’s been out in the EU for a while as “memyelos” iirc, and now it’s here as “me smooth”. They market themselves pretty honestly, “3 months hair free after last treatment”. (So same as other home ipl, use it 8ish times, then hair remains at bay for a few months at a time).

Reviews say about as much, effective but expensive hair management.

Just posting it here cuz it’s a new device in the category.

pretty sad when a well known laser company turns to a home device. Just shows how medical laser sales are down and they got to turn to selling to consumers. I guess they don’t mind losing their reputation with the medical professionals?!

Would you like to take any bets on how fast this device is taken off the US market?