New to this!


Hi all, I’ve just found this site today and have been kind of reading all your posts.

Seems to me there are quite a wide variety of results with this LHR. I am feeling a bit “iffy” about it now…lol

I booked an appointment for next friday for my first session. In the recent months, I’ve noticed I am growing a mustache that could rival almost any mans!! :fearful: , plus a few stray chin hairs… I dont like it and I know it is noticable if you are close to me, so I made the decision to get rid of it.

I would also like to get my underarms done, but want to check out the cost first. I have no idea what kind of laser they use, didnt even think to ask. I emailed a few places and I called a few places.

The lady I’m going to charges $60.00/session (CDN $, on the upper lip), I got an email back from one of the clinics in town that I had mailed and they wanted a whopping $250 for the exact same procedure!!! I dont understand why the cost differs so greatly! (the lady told my that it only takes about 3 min to do the upper lip)

Anyone have any ideas as to why the price ranges are so great?? I was told that I would probably need about 4-5 sessions to get rid of it all (over the phone, she hasnt seen me yet).

I have medium/olive skin and normally have dark brown hair… the hair I want removed is very coarse, black hair…


Hi Jan: First of all, I have a couple of questions for you that the facilities you checked should have asked. Since your hair growth is on the upper lip and chin, and has just appeared recently, have you gone to your gynecologist and had hormone levels checked? Are you peri- or post-menopausal? Were you offered a free consultation? It is very difficult to gauge the efficacy of a laser hair removal series without seeing the client. Upon a visual consultation the practitioner can give you a better idea of treatment outcome. Of all the areas we treat, the upper lip/chin combination on women is the hardest a most resistant of all. The main reason being is that it is hormonally generated, and if this issue is not addressed then treatment is like chasing your tail - you just never catch up! We always tell our clients that they will need approximately 8 treatments to deal with this area, but it is important to find out if there is a hormone imbalance also. With your skin type and hair color, please find a facility that uses a long-pulse NdYag (1064nm) laser. This wavelength is the most protective of medium to dark skin types, and very efficient at hair removal. As far as prices go, they can be all over the place. We do not really discount our services, although package prices are lower than individual treatments. Our lip/chin package is $1100 US for 8 treatments. I hope this information helps you out.


Thanks for the info. My hair is dark brown and my complexion is light olive.

I’m only 34, so I doubt its menopause, but you never know right? We have checked my hormones, and they seem fine, also checked thyroid, that seems fine as well.

My appointment was moved to friday of next week, they had a family emergency where they had to shut the clinic down and deal with it.

I didnt really ask what kind of laser they used because I didnt know there was that much of a difference until I found this forum. I will ask when i go in on friday.

Finances are a bit of an issue and I dont really have a whole lot of money to spend right now, but I do want to try it and see how it works, might also look at getting my underarms done as well, just to check it out. I’ve wasted money on other things in my lifetime, so if I dont see much of a difference after 1 or 2 treatments, then its not really that big of a deal.

Can you notice a difference after only 1 treatment?

I was wondering also if medications interact with the process? I’m on anti depressants and dont know if that matters or if I should mention it to her?

So many questions!!! I did not research it very much at all, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing… guess I should have looked into it deeper before I booked my appointment!


Also wondering… is this recommended for kids??

Its my daughters 13th birthday soon, she has been cursed with the same coarse, thick, black unwanted hair that I have… I was going to see how my treatment went, and then ask her dad if he wants to split the cost of getting her underarms done as she is very self concious of them…


Thanks for the comments, jan-- the reasons laser places have such wildly divergent prices is because they can get away with it. In some cases, their education or reputation allows them to charge more, or perhaps they are catering to a more upscale clientele. In many cases, though, it’s simply because a lot of consumers don’t comparison shop like you.

The fact that your daughter has the same thing indicates the hair is probably hereditary. That means that while hormones may play a small part in it, it’s more likely just good old genetics. With kids, I usually recommend letting them decide if they want it. You might let her kow you’re doing it, and explain why. She may feel the same way. With anyone, but kids especially, I usually suggest doing a test patch away from the face to make sure there is not a bad skin reaction. Your skin and hair combination is not the perfect one for laser, and to get a permanent result, they may need to turn up the energy to levels that increase the chances of side effects.