New to this site but not to hair removal

I know a lot of people here are interested on how others combat unwanted hair…I tought I would share.

I have done at-home electrolysis 10 years ago with a little machine I bought at the local drug store. Toes, feet, and chin. 10 years later it still isn’t back. I went to a professional after the birth of my daughter (a little line on my tummy)…all came back. I also understand how hair grows in phases…just find it funny I had to use my little machine like 3 times to clear a whole area went to them maybe 5 times with no results. I have used the Tria (when it first came out and used it monthly for about a year) on my bikini line. Have not used it in approx. a year. I still have about 85% clearence. I am currently using Viss on my upper legs. On my 7th treatment…hardly no change. Tria had impressed me most. I also had professional laser above my upper lip nine years ago (10 treatment) I still have abot 90% clearence. I have flourescent white skin and black to dark brown hair. Just thought I would share.

Thanks for sharing. Your story is 1 in 100,000. This is not the norm for a lot of people.