new to the site, got some ??'s

Hey, I stumbled across this site and am very happy I did. Here is my case. I am a 20 yr old male who is extremely hairy all over (the Italian in me has taken over :roll_eyes: . I have very thick black body hair and it is flowing, I have heard all the jokes from friends and teammates and it is really starting to annoy me. I have tried shaving but I find it uncomfortable and only look decent for a day or two since it grows back so quickly. I am not too educated on lasers and their effectiveness, but am starting to become curious. First off, how much does the treatments cost? The budget of a college student is slim to none, so that is one of my main factors. How many treatments do you typically go through to see results? Have any other males with thick black body hair gone through lasers, and has it worked? One more thing, I live in Pennsylvania, middle of nowhere, how hard is it to find a place that does the laser dealie? Thanks for your time!!!

If your skin is light in color, you are a very good laser candidate. You might try it out on a smaller area if money is an issue, to see if you respond to treatment.

If the cost is too high, I suggest looking into waxing till you can afford laser.

You don’t say where in PA or at what school, but a university hospital might have a good dermatologist using lasers.

If you get a tan or are outdoors a lot, you need to avoid sun a couple of weeks before and after laser. You’ll need several treatments to get optimal results, but most consumers with your hair color see a reduction in the thickness and color of hairs (usually 1/3 to 2/3 of your hair ater a couple of treatments). The question of permanence is still up in the air, though. Many have permanent reduction, but you probably won’t get rid of every single hair even after multiple treatments.

If you go with laser you will find that shaving will work muh better after two or three treatments because there will be less hair and the regrowth will be finer.

I have found laser to be the only truly satisfactory solution for thick body hair. I have never tried waxing (except for Nad’s which was a joke) and it may be a good way to go for something cheap.


Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it. I live in the Poconos but go to Penn State University, they are bound to have some laser thing happening. Just out of curiosity, how much did an individual treatment cost for either of you?