New to Sugaring

Hi All!

Well yesterday I made my first batch, following instructions found on here and various youtube videos. It turned out great! I proceeded to complete my right leg, using the sugar paste (non-strip) method. I just have a few questions, seeing as I’m new to this :slight_smile:

I have somewhat sensitive skin, get razor rash fairly easily, and can’t shave more than once a week or even week and a half. My hair grows pretty rapidly, sometimes after shaving I step out of the shower and get the goose bumps and it will feel like I haven’t even shaved! So not being able to shave as often as I like is one of the reasons I’ve looked into sugaring.

I’ve never waxed before, but the sugaring process was pretty painful. I wasn’t expecting it to be pain-free, but this is just due to the hair being ripped from the follicle, and not skin trauma, correct? With my skin, I was getting a little raised red bump around each pore (follicle?) post sugaring.

It’s now been about 18 hours since sugaring and all of the redness is gone but I still feel the raised bumps in some areas. Will these decrease, seeing as though I’m not even past the 24hr mark yet? I treated the area with witch hazel and aloe post sugaring. How often should I treat the area, and how soon should I start exfoliating?

I guess this is my biggest question:

I started with the hair between 1/4" and 1/2", but now it feels like I have a light stubble. I would check the paste and see that I was getting bulbs, but is this stubble due to breakeage? I’m assuming my technique is going to take some practice, so will less breakage just come with time, or is this a normal side effect of sugaring?

Sorry for the long post and barrage of questions…I’m just really excited to have found a cheap and simple alternative to the shaving that I dread!

If you already have stubble sooner than 1.5-2 weeks after doing it, you likely didn’t remove those hairs with the root. They were probably broken off on the way out. This has to do with technique.

Do you have dark dense coarse hair? You should consider laser. Lower legs could cost as low as $150 per treatment and you would get rid of the hair forever. Even 3 treatments spaced 3 months apart would make a huge difference and get rid of about 50% of the hair and make the rest much finer and more sparse.