new to electrolysis..

I have had 1 electrolysis treatment on the face. she started me off on the setting that ‘most’ people have, but coz I couldnt feel any pain she put it up TWICE. however when she applied the current I still couldnt feel anythng… only slight discomfort when the needle goes in and the hair is slid out…is this normal? or is the setting too low? I HAVE had laser treatment on the same area before if that has any implications?

It is hard to say from your description. With the modern machines, it is possible to do good work with a range of treatment sensations. Many of my clients say they can’t tell I am doing anything 9 out of 10 hairs. Others ask me how it is that people do this with me for 10 hours in one day.

I once did a woman’s upper lip hair, and when I finished her first clearance in 15 minutes flat, and handed the woman the mirror and said, “ok, how is this?” She said “How is what?” and took the mirror, and said, “Wow! I was just sitting here thinking to myself, When is this joker going to start working? At the price I am paying, he better not be beating it for hours.” She thought I was just looking at her skin and stretching it all that time.

You’re supposed to feel the current. From your description, you’re feeling the needle insertion (but not totally abnormal to feel that) and the hair being pulled out, which you’re not really supposed to feel. Your description is quite vague, so who really knows?

Laser has nothing to do with this.

The probe should slide in, current is applied, the hair should slide out without traction (but in the beginning, there are some exceptions to this).

Can you offer more detail - all is so vague. No detail is too small.

hey thanks for all your replies, although your all asking for maore detail…but there is nothing more I can say because I literally feel NOTHING when the current is applied! my face was slightly pink at the end of the treatment though… but the hair still hasn’t grown back and it will be 2 weeks tomorrow… thats good ryt?!

Pain is not relevant. You should be feeling the hair slide out without resistance after being zapped instead of plucked out. That’s the best way to tell.

ye she deffinatly zaps the hair again if she feels resistance, coz she tells me she’s doing it again, so i am not worried about that…if pains not relevent then alls good so far i think… :slight_smile:

so how much time should there typically be between each treatment? asin how long should it take for hair to grow back at the beginning of the tretment?

as with the above replies depends on machine she is working with,everything sounds ok, just make sure there is no actually plucking being felt. some clients fall asleep during treatment i’ve had many a soothing snore as i have worked away. other folk have had enough after 10-15 mins. as with time between treatments that depends if all the hair was cleared or if you have been tweezing or plucking previous to electrolysis. Some clients may require treatment 2-3 times a week if they have been tweezing daily or it might be every 4-6 weeks. i think you should ask your electrologist to go through your consultation and treatment plan again.

We recommend to go at least once a month as long as you’re clearing the entire area at each treatment. That way, you catch the hair in anagen phase of growth each time, when it’s killed easiest.

ok thanks.
roughly how many treatments do you think it would take to clear the area (sides of face and upperlip) if the hair is quite fine but there’s alot of it! i have a light brown (asian)skintone with dark coloured (but fine) hair…

“To clear” - it depends on how many hairs you have to clear. An average electrologist removes 5-10 hairs per minute, so you can estimate this yourself. If you get clearances monthly, you’ll have to go in for 12-18 months total. Treatments will get shorter each time.

depends on several factors firstly density of the hair, might take 2 hours or 10 hours to clear. your tolerance for electrolysis 30mins might be your limit or you may be able to take 2 hours, also depends on the health of your skin.

And may I join in to say, it depends on the modality used. Someone like hawkes with her equipment and setup may be able to fly with good insertions in auto sensor mode. With a good set up, it is not unheard of to accomplish 1,200 insertions per hour and I include in that number the fact that insertions are accurate and deadly. PicoFlash thermolysis / MicroFlash thermolysis, doesn’t matter, for the hair structure you describe, it can be done. Even if you can get in the window of 600-800 insertions per hour, you are still getting gold, as those rates is nothing to be disappointed with.

A slower electrologist will still give you permanent hair removal and they should not be shunned. I make the comparison to show you what would be possible.

I would like to join in as well. I am new to this forum, owner of an Electrolysis College and Electrologist for 35 years. The most critical aspect of your treatment is determined by “how good is your electrologist”? If your electrologist is accurate and precise, you will have the most success. Many electrologists are not accurate and they undertreat the hair (which basically they are charging for tweezing). If the insertions are painful, choose another electrolgist, if the hair feels like it is being tweezed - choose another electrologist, if you are experiencing little burns - choose another electrologist. There are numerous factors. Electrolysis is my passion!

And mine too! WELCOME TO HOME, Brenda!!!

looking at other posts im starting to feel a little confused! are you supposed to feel NOTHING when the hair is slid out? i’m not saying it hurts, bt I can still feel it…

You can usually feel some minor resistance as the hair is extracted, but you should not feel pain. If there’s pain, it’s probably being plucked.

It shouldn’t feel like you’re plucking. Pluck one hair and pay attention to how that feels. There is usually resistance. With electrolysis, it slides out easily after being zapped. It’s fine to feel it coming out, especially the coarse hairs, but you shouldn’t feel the plucking sensation.