New to electrolysis and this forum

how electrolysis helpful to me to remove the extra hairs from my chin. I don’t have any idea.
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It is simple.

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal system. It has been working since the 1860’s and has been the medically accepted form of permanent hair removal since 1875. With nearly 150 years of testing, practical useage and reports, it is the most scrutinized method of hair removal around, and still the only one that can boast to have success in any case, as long as the client and practitioner co-operate fully, and the practitioner is skilled enough, and utilizing the equipment that makes the tough jobs surmoutable.

If you find a good electrologist, you can get yourself visually clear in a short amount of time, and obtain permanent hair removal in 9 to 18 months, but you will appear to be finished to the casual obsearver after the first month or two.