New to electro...need some advice!

Hello all,

After doing a lot of thinking and debating about which path was the rightway to go, laser or electro, I have decided to go for the latter.

There just seems to be to much of a chance with laser. And if I am going to fork up all this dough, I want the hair gone. Shaving irritates the hell out of my skin, and the hairs I have plucked have come in longer and darker, so waxing is a no no. Plus, I am not that hairy to begin with so I figure elctro is the best option.

I am located in San Diego, and if anyone knows of any decent electrologists in the SoCal area, please let me know. I haven’t started with my search for an electrologist yet, so any help would be appreciated.

Here are some pics of me.

Upper Chest

Upper Body

Shoulder area

How long do you think it would take to clear my shoulders/upperarms/stomach? Any guesstimates? there are like 100-200 hairs on my shoulders and upper back, so I figure it should take no time at all to clear that area. I am not clearing the entire chest either, just the sides, around the nipples. The hairiest area is the abs. But I hope I can be done with all of it in a year or so, is that too soon?

Again, any info is greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure of any good clinics in the socal area, I’m in the Virginia area myself, but I had some really fantastic doctors/technicians that really turned my life around.

I ended up paying not half as much as I expected to, one of the doctors I had actually gave me treatment for free because I let him use my pictures as a before & after advertisement for his office.

If payment is an issue, I’d highly recommend pleading your case to the office manager at the clinic you’re visiting. If your case is truly noteworthy, they will probably work with you.


My blog detailing my laser hair removal experiences…

Your state is regulated and overflowing with illegal unlicensed practicioners. So let the buyer beware. Ask to see your electrologists credetials. Check with the state regulatory board to check the credetials.

Gary really, I am calling your bluff I do not believe anything you say. You are a laser promoter and are here to decive people. LIar liar.

I don’t know if gary is a laser promoter here to deceive people or not.

I do know that on several sites, including Alase’s, they mislead the consumer with phrases like “FDA APPROVED”. The FDA does not APPROVE lasers, they CLEAR certain lasers for hair reduction. There is no promotion or bias behavior toward one product over another. Just the facts. SOURCE:

Some sites spout PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. If I were a neophyte consumer, I would only take that to mean what it says and not permanent hair REDUCTION. This is the kind of hype and sleeze that raises eyebrows because it is deceitful behavior toward a believing consumer who pays hard earned money to get less than what they were told in many cases.

Gary, you are a hairy guy and if you came to my office, you are a prime example of someone who I would advise to seeking permanent hair reduction with laser FIRST followed by electrolysis, that is, if you have any money left after being lased. Good luck to you.


Gee Dee I used to suggest to extremely hair guys to receive laser and then return to me for the clean up work.

But I got tired of dissatisfied laser clients coming in and taking their frustrations out on me. After all the money spent on laser they assume I want to rip them off too.

You don’t think Gary is a laser promoter go read all his posts.

Dear Learner,

I said I don’t know if gary is telling the truth, that implies something different than I don’t think … gary is telling the truth.

Some clients actually have favorable laser outcomes, men included. Even if the hair is reduced, thinned and lightened by laser, that is success for some people AND if they want to pursue total removal, then electrolysis is surely appropriate thereafter. I have had laser failures come to me and imply that I should take pity on them and charge them much less to clean them up permanently,in addition to the doubting demeaner that maybe they shouldn’t trust me either. I understand their deep frustration and realistically, they understand I still need to pay the rent. So it’s really not that dramatic as someone expecting me to work for nothing AND they’re really smart enough to know about electrolysis proven results for 130 years.


Umm…I was hoping someone could help me out and give me a referral to a decent electrologist in the San Diego area.

I also want to hear from some of the pros on this site because I realize I am not that hairy of an individual, and I was wondering how long it would take to get cleared up (Upper chest/stomach/shoulders).

I have researched lasers for a while, and it just not something I wanna risk right now. Besides, like I said and as you can see in the pics above, I am not that hairy, so I figured electrolysis is the wiser investment. Although I am considering it for the bikini area and upper legs to help thin out some of the hair there before I get electro done.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I took a look at the three pics you posted of yourself. Brought back memories of almost exactly how I used to look. My frontal pics would look almost precisely as yours do. Only my back was like that as well and I had more hair on my shoulders than I see in your pics. My front, back and shoulders are completely hairfree today.

Anyway if this is any consolation to you as per your query of a timeframe, I can only use myself as an example. The time it took for my hair to be permanently removed, spanned a period of two and one half years. That is, just over 30 months. I was under the filament for a 2 hour period twice a week. So that’s 4 hours per week. The odd occasion I laid there for a three hour stretch. That’s for 52 weeks of the year for 2 years non-stop. Then weekly for another 30 weeks approx. in the third year. Voila. It does work.
But the secret is: once you have found a “good” electrologist that you can work with and once you commit to your project -STAY ON A SCHEDULE !! Be consistent and don’t miss appointments. You have to hit those three growing stages over and over and over and over…get the gist? If you go once in a while, here and there, don’t follow a schedule, just sort of go for an appointment when you feel up to it, etc. etc. - you will only be wasting your time, your electrologist’s time and your hard earned money. You will end up frustrated, believing that it won’t work for you, and you may just give up, and return to this forum asking for help all over again, and on and on…
And if you do this in 4 or 5 years and I’m still around, I will give you the same answer again. Why?? Because what I have just told you is the basic groundwork for initiating the process of electrolysis.

An Analogy: If you commit to reshingling a house roof, once you start - you keep at it until the whole roof is reshingled. You don’t shingle 1/4 of the roof and say, “I quit”. You start to paint a room in a house. You don’t paint half a wall then decide that’s enough until next year. The same principles apply to a project/program of permanent hair removal. It’s a big decision but once you decide to start - “Don’t Stop”.

Now my answer might seem a little blunt to you but don’t take it the wrong way. I looked at your pics and I can already visualize what you will look like after your hair is gone. You’ll look really cool. The only thing I don’t know is your age (and you can keep that private) as hair growth in a younger person, lets day in their early 20’s, has not ceased to grow, by any means. For the sake of discussion, lets say you are in your early to mid 20’s. Initially you may attain permanent hair removal, but you may find that over the next few years you may have to occasionally go to an electologist for the odd touchup. Better to start at a younger age if you know the results you would like. Having said that, any age is a good starting point though.

So, think wisely, get all the good info off of this site and go for it. 5,6,8,10 years from now you’ll be glad you did.

Cheers, & I wish you success.

Fabulous analogy here Eddy. I am going to use it in my practice.

And it is a good thing you labled it an analogy because that concept seems to excape most people when I have used them. I will lable them.
No you are not to blunt. I am blunt (and rude)

Thank you Eddy, your post was very helpful.

Just a couple of questions…

You say it took you 2 and 1/2 years, but does that include your back? I don’t have any back hair, and you said your back looked like your front, so could assume that I could cut my treatment time in half from yours? I mean, I know there are a lot of variables to be considered, but just hypothetically speaking…

And yes, I am 21 y/o. But I wanna start this now, and I do realize I could have more growth later in life, but I wanna get what I can now. Besides, my hair pattern is following that of my father’s, so I have a pretty good idea what I am going to look like when I am older, and I am prett much already there.

Again, thank you!

Oh, learner you’re not blunt or rude. You are just expressing yourself in a forthright manner. Any discussions surrounding electrolysis should be in a forthright and honest manner. For those of us in the profession whom have done this for some time, we know the results that can be attained. The whole objective is to be open with your clients and be part of the education process. There is so much info out there on electrolysis, both positive and negative that it can be blurry at times. Really though, electrolysis is quite a simple format and you have to cut through all the smoke so to speak and work hand in hand with your clients and bring the positive traits out of this whole process. It is human nature for us to think of failure, therefore it is of utmost importance to give your clients the same good treatments that you would expect if you were in their shoes.

gdubber 2002;

Yes that included my back. All found. Can you cut your treatment time in half ?? Hard to say as every body is different. Your time estimate does include many, many variables. How often will you go for appts. Once a week, twice a week, once a month, twice a month, etc. etc.? What will the experience and skill of your electrologist be? How much $$ can you afford and over what period of time? What is your pain tolerance level? What intensities can you tolerate? You see all my treatments were done with flash thermolysis as I have a fairly high pain tolerance level. Believe me, by the time I was done I had a much higher pain tolerance level. I’m sure I bent the metal legs on my electrologists table many times with my bare hands while I was laying on my stomach for a 2 or 3 hour stretch. But I also know all the intensity levels and that this was only the synapses in the brain being slowly desensitised. It’s only nerves and after a while the area being worked on will become “numb” to put it simply. Quite often my electrologist would ask me if she should turn the intensity down but I told her just keep going high as I knew the results I wanted and was mentally in control of the situation. You will also develop a “mind over matter” syndrome. Just think of the end results of what look you would like. That’s your goal.

Yes I could tell from your pics that you are in your early 20’s. You are thinking smart by wanting to deal with your hair removal issues early in life. That way you are in control of the growth you have now and over new growth that will come as you get older. You’re ideal situation would be to hit hard now, then in the years to come you will find yourself on a “maintenance program” as I like to call it. You should find this approach cheaper over the long run as well.

Cheers and I hope one day you will post pics of yourself on this board so others can also be part of this education process and see what it could do for them as well.

Great posts Eddy. I do want to clarify one point you made. Not sticking to a schedule does not me the electrolysis treatment will not work. I know that the consistency of my treatments has varied over the last couple years due to both time and financial restraints. I’ve even just been plain burned out from getting my back zapped and taken some time. But what I do know is I have fraction of the hair on my back that I once had and that makes me a happier guy.

Ultimately it will take a bit longer for me to be hair free but I’m okay with that, well most of the time <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

That is true, electrolysis will work. But if you are working on a large area, say for example chest, back, full legs and depending on the amount of hair (if we are talking lots of hair) then a project of such magnitude entails a schedule if you want permanent hair removal results in a timely fashion. Does one want a project basically completed in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, and so on. On large projects a schedule of some degree just helps attack hairs through the three growing stages over and over and over again in a consistent manner. I know it depends on the individual as to how soon would they like full permanent removal. So frankly, it is not a question of whether it works or not, it does work as you have proven to yourself, rather it is a timeframe issue.

Cheers and continued success to you.


I would definitely do laser - it’s quicker and cheaper and works really well for dark hair. Electrolysis will take a long time and be more expensive in the long run.

If by long run you mean time to you running out of money and giving up then perhaps, LASER is faster.

If you mean long run as in, you have no hair and none growing back, Electrolysis is the only thing that finishes, so it is the Tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare/Hair Story

The hair glubber has is very dark and pretty coarse. my personal opinion is that he could save probably 6 months of weekly electrolysis treatments by even 3-4 laser treatments. It’s different for everyone, but since he doesn’t seem to have any abnormal growth, there is a very good chance it will work pretty well, after which he can finish with electrolysis. it’s something to consider, but in the end, of course, it’s up to him. there are plenty of good places in SD as well that do good laser hair removal and he doesn’t have to pay for treatments ahead of time. he can even have one treatment and stop if he doesn’t think the results are worth it. I personally wouldn’t discount it. Glubber doesn’t have a LOT of hair for a male, but that’s still a lot of hair to treat with electrolysis in general.

Glubber, there is an electrologist list online for CA here: