New Sharper Image product

I found it on Amazon:…c&v=glance.

Sharper Image is known for good products, right? It looks like it would work, except I don’t know if the “pen” look is a good sign. It seems like anything that doesn’t have a dial with numbers is shady. But it even comes with accessories!

Does anyone know anything about it?

According to those posts at:

and the reviews of item similiar to this one at

it is, probably, another scam.

The cost of this product would get you an hour and 30 minutes of professional treatment! For most women, that would be 3 treatments, maybe more.

This item is just too awkward to be used for any serious work. Electrolysis is a delicate procedure, and needs to be done with precision that is not offered in a stylus that includes the weight of a big Duracell battery in the hind quarters of the treatment delivery device.

Your best option, especially for small jobs is a pro who can get you bare as quickly as possible, and keep you that way until you don’t need further treatment.

ePen is a scam. Use the search feature for lots more info.

Also, Sharper Image sells some other bogus stuff to avoid. From two weeks ago:

Judge tosses Sharper Image lawsuit against Consumer Reports

By David Kravets / Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging the publisher of Consumer Reports magazine printed false and malicious articles about an air purifier sold by Sharper Image Corp.

Consumers Union of United States Inc., the publisher, had asked U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney to dismiss the case and has stood by its published reports that its tests of the heavily advertised Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier “found almost no measurable reduction in airborne particles.”

Chesney, in a Tuesday ruling released Wednesday, said San Francisco-based Sharper Image’s “claims against Consumers Union arise from acts in furtherance of free speech” and that “Sharper Image has not demonstrated a reasonable probability that any of the challenged statements were false.”

Okay, thanks for the info. I decided to get the OneTouch and it’s working so far.

I bought the Sharper Image ePen and it’s a piece of garbage. It does no good at all. Incidentally, I also bought their pocket breathalyzer and it’s garbage as well. I don’t drink more than once every few months and yet I blew legally drunk weeks after I had any alcohol.