New Question! need help!

This site is so great, i find lots of great information!

In fact, i really do not trust my previous electrolysist practitioner, because he never answer my question clearly, and he is also a unskilled electrolysist practitioner; using bad machines; leaves many of pits and scars on me. That’s why i always wonder that he might did some sorts of skin damage on me.

My new question is that yesterday i saw two or three of bumps near my treated hair area, and very little of swelling in that small area. I prone to acne, but these bumps were not like acne, it maybe looks like blister. and i sometime can feel itching from these bumps. Around this area there is also some flaking, i have a very oily skin. Is it normal to have these bumps after 17 days of treatments now? I just applied little Erythromycin Omtment on them, hope they will go away soon!

Any answersfor me,I will appreciate!

It is probably just puss from either an ingrown hair, or particulate matter left in the follicle after the hair was removed. It will go away soon. That is why people use Tea Tree Oil overnight, it dissolves this matter, and any puss overnight, and frequently, one never even sees any of this during the day.

very appreciate your answer!