New Product from Dectro

New Product - detachable covers for the Vita phase device

“Kelly Covers” for Dectro’s Vitaphase IM are now available. These covers were another Kelly Morrissey-Stump CPE idea. She was concerned about client safety and wanted something removable that could be sterilized after use.

This device, the VitaPhase IM, attaches to the Apilus Platinums and the new xCell Pro and allows the Electrologist to perform ionophoresis treatments. It has three modes of function that offer these effects:
It does cataphoresis / anaphoresis / helps active ingredients in products to penetrate the skin to reach the deep layers quickly / helps with microcirculation for face and body/ reduces redness/ Helps to cleanse the skin by emulsifying sebum/ restores pH levels and provides an antibacterial effect, not to mention, it actively vibrates and massages the skin.

So, after a treatment, this device helps to soothe the skin, mainly. Kelly wanted something that could detach from the device, so it could be sterilized between clients. Jean-Louis Gonella worked with her to make it happen, as he and the others at Dectro always do, and here it is!

I will include a video of Kelly demonstrating how she uses the covers, when I find it! She sent it to me and I can’t locate it right now, but stay tuned.

Here is how you can order:
Part # 6074-1120125: $24.75 each 12 or more $21.05
Aesthetic systems USA Inc 888-332-8763

They look like this: