New Probeholder from Instantron for my Xcell

Some time ago, I spoke in various places about the problems I’ve seen with Dectro’s probeholder accessories for 27 mhz epilators. To put it bluntly, they havenotbe consistent or reliable . Often brand new probeholders fail within a few days to weeks and I dont abuse them.

Well a month or so ago, I was talking about this issue and i was contacted by Skip Mahler from Instantron ( a true gentleman if there was one!) who offered to help with this problem.

Today I recieved in the mail a custom made for me , probeholder wire to fit my Xcell manufactured by instantron. It will also fit a platinum or platinum pure. I had it made more durably than a dectro original, and today it arrived and I got to test it , first on myself, then on 2 clients this afternoon.

My findings? The probeholder from skip appears better constructed, with a smooth operating chuck, courser core to the wire, and it appears to conduct current better and more reliably than my 1 week old dectro original proeholder. I’ve had to reduce my settings by 2-3 levels and still get better release of the hair than with the OEM probeholder.

I believe skip plans to make these available, and there does indeed seem to be a lot of interest in them, so if you’ve been experiencing poblems with ypur probeholders for dectro machines, I highly recommend gettingin contact with skip.


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