New photos series from James

One of our top contributors (and a top electrologist) has just posted a great set of photos showing progress in clearing facial hair in a trans client:

The series starts on first treatment day and continues to two years after final treatment.

Thanks to James W. Walker VII, CPE for supplying this great series!


Thanks Andrea for posting the link and to James for the photos.

The results look excellent considering the initial state of Tina Marie’s facial hair. I like the photos in the laying
down state better however due to the lack of harsh glare from lighting.

I guess where there is hair, there is hope, even though some of us feel the situation is hopeless at first.
Perseverence pays off!


The first photos are ones Tina took herself. She would not, at that time let me take official “before” pictures. Later, she relaxed and we did keep track of things.

It is like I always say, no one seems to realize the importance of the Before picture until they get to compare it to a “Later” picture, and finally an “After” picture.

These days, I don’t work on anyone who won’t let me take a “Before” picture. It saves me so much breath later on. (It also is something that a practitioner should keep up on for legal reasons as well.) Of course, the only way a picture I take ends up anywhere public is with expressed permission from the client. In this case, I am way late, as Tina has had these and more pictures plastered all over the internet for years.

Great, great work James . Tina Marie is beautiful. I’m really impressed with the condition of her skin. Did you use the sil-tone VMC for some or all her work?


I did her work with the Apilus SX-500 most of the time, but also used the Silhouet-Tone VMC for some things like the rim of the nose.