"NEW" "Painless Tweeze" by One Touch

I have spent the last 2 hours wandering through this web site and have found lots of useful information. I see that Andrea does endorse One Touch, but NOT electric tweezers. So, what do you think of the “Painless Tweeze” made by One Touch? It claims to use a ‘new’ concept involving dry radio frequency energy delivered right down the hair shaft to the root. I have seen this product on ebay for a variety of prices ranging from 17-35 bucks. Any reports on this one? Is it the newest scam, or worth a try?

#@*%! One Touch was one of the few companies that kept out of the electric tweezer business. Now I am going to have to go in and put warnings up everywhere about this scam device.

Idiots. :angry:

That’s what I was afraid of after hanging around this site for a couple of hours. Thanks for the verification, Andrea. Unfortunately, I already bought one of these little gems a couple of months back. The wording on the pamphlet inside the box says that it is “Proven to be as effective as electrolysis but without the discomfort.” and “Continued treatments will destroy the root.” Is this a violation of the FDA guidelines that I have seen mentioned at this site about other scams?? If you would like scanned copies of the info or box, please let me know. Thanks for your dedication to this site.

FDA approval only means the devices meets the standards of other devices already on the market. you’ve been scammed, cut your losses, and move on.



I have been using a painless tweeze on my face for over a year and the hairs do seem finer and not so coarse. Prior to this I had been plucking the hair and found no difference in the regrowth.

My painless tweeze has broken down, after extensive use, and I’m lookig for a replacement. That’s how I found this site.

After reading many of the posts on your site, I feel quite dismayed. It seems you have negative opinions of most products, apart from the most basic techniques like waxing. I have also seen many forums that have equal numbers of people who like and dislike specific hair removal products, including many of the products you recommend…

I would love to have electrolysis or laser treatments, but unfortunately I simply can’t afford it. What alternative to the paineles tweezer do you recommend?

The wording on the pamphlet inside the box says that it is “Proven to be as effective as electrolysis but without the discomfort.” and “Continued treatments will destroy the root.”

In this case the machine gets to say that because the main part of the machine functions like an electrolysis thermolysis machine. That is all the FDA makes these people prove up front. What is different, and a scam is the tweezer delivery thing-a-ma-bob. Simply put, when used as directed, this machine does nothing. Without adding a probe to insert into the follicle, this item is useless for hair removal. It is possible that in the near future, HairTell Member “Sparx” may conduct tests and find that it is a great unit for those who want to pay the $20 to $40 for the device, and spend additional money to adapt it for actual use, but used as directed, it is worthless. (Hey Sparx, like the way your volunteer efforts are being rewarded with the snowballing into Sparx Consumer HairRemoval Labs?)

Think of it this way; if someone put together a television receiver that was a perfect TV in every way but substituted the screen for a connection to test leads that you are directed to attach to your forehead and temples so that your TV experience can go directly to your head with no screen to watch, they would be able to say that it is a TV receiver, as it does receive and even project TV signals. It is just not usable for what most people want a TV to do, which is allow them to actually see what the receiver is picking up!

I know this is an old, old topic… But I wanted to share my experience.
Spoiler: this company is a SCAM!!!

I bought one of these cheap of e-bay to see if it would help with excess arm hair. After two months I didn’t notice any improvement so I took it apart. What I found was a switch, an LED light, and a vibrating motor- just like the ones they use in pagers. No RF circuit. Just a motor that buzzed to make you think something was happening… There is absolutely nothing in this that will help you with hair loss. It’s just a pair of tweezers. I hope this helps.