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I was just wondering if there has been any news regarding gene therapy or any other potential inhibitors? It seems kind of odd that there was alot of information about Christiano’s work and now haven’t heard anything about it for at least 2 years now. Is this usually a good sign or does it mean that absolutely nothing has been acomplished since the nude and hairless gene were discovered. I know that a company called anticancer inc. has developed a viable method of delivering these genes via liposomes but still have not heard anything about her research as well as another company that claimed they had a treatment. (Max Planck Institute) I’ve come to realize that unfortunately, there probaly won’t be a cure for excess hair until one for baldness is discovered. There seems to be so much more research being done in that area. A permanent hair removal cream will come as a sidenote to a male pattern baldness cure. Does anyone know of any one company doing research solely for the purpose of hair removal? By the way, I am not just someone that is frustrated by excess hair that has not tried anything. I have had about 11 treatments with the gentlelase plus and am apparently the perfect candidate for laser hair removal.

kyle2, there have been several major setbacks to gene therapy this year, notably the bubble-boy kids with immune deficiencies, who now have leukenia after being supposedly cyred with gene therapy.

Further, Dr. Christianos’ work is primarily on alopecia. While there is overlap in the research, they are focusing on turning on hair gene receptors instead of turning them off. It’s not necessarily a question of inding one means you can do the opposite, either.’

This is till highly experimental and will not be commercially available for many years, especially for a cosmetic procedure. We will first need to see it work successfully in life-threatening situations, the only human trials that can be ethically performed at this time.