New Member, White Bumpy Dots after Electrolysis (not going away after 6 months)

Hi guys! A new member here, although I used the site for my research for several times throughtout the years.

I have been getting electrolysis treatment on my upper leg area (very dense but also the hairs are fairly weak its like a peach fuzz on the face, just dark colored) and the expert is someone my friend recommended me after having her no trouble whatsoever (she also has been treated for the same area and she does not have the issue I have, not at all)

I know that there are many people who are very pleased with their results however I have some doubts. I’ve got treatment around mid March-mid April and the white bumps have been there ever since. When I tighten the skin and touch the white part, I can feel a tiny raised texture(?) and I believe it might be like a keloid even though that’s the last thing I want.

I think it might be a result of one or the combination of the these things.

  1. the expert uses same level of currency to every one of her clients
  2. when she does the treatment, she does not tighten the skin and maybe it leads to having more skin to be exposed to the electrolysis and causes it
  3. when she cannot take one hair at the first attempt, she performs electrolysis on the same follicle 2 to 3 times.

I believe the 3 explanation I put out may have something to do with the cause. If the level of currency or her performing on the same hair follicle multiple times is the issue here, I think I can talk to her about it but I also do not want her to perform undertreatment and cause other issues (as far as I read in the site)

What do you guys think about these dots/bumps? And any suggestions on how to treat them? Will they heal and will I be able to get my normal skin back after healing process? Should I stop all the treatment?

If there is such a things as “hypopigmented keloid” i think that is my case BUT I’m dying to hear your opinions and suggestions… Thank you for taking the time to read this mess.

Please forward to 3 minutes and 55 seconds. I think this could be what you are looking at.Maybe Michael will expand on what his video tells and talk more about this phenomina.

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Hey! Thank you so much for your time and help. I checked out the video as you said and it’s very interesting that it is caused by “the current being too low and having to treat the regrowth over and over”, the currency is about 7/10 so I think it is not the due to currency but due to applying currency multiple times to a single follicle. He says that it is permanent, unfortunately, I wish there was a way to reduce or help my skin to heal to some extent.

Hmm. There may be the possibility of reducing the appearance. If I understand the process correctly it involves bringing blood flow into the area to kickstart the healing process. This is done with things like microneedling, or fractional laser treatments. A qualified dermatologist can tell you more, I’m a layman when it comes to these processes.
Edit I think Michael will be piping in here somewhere on this topic. You’ll have to excuse me, because up here in Canada it’s thanksgiving and I need to go pick up some things at groceries and get a turkey into the oven.


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Thanks so much for your help once again, I hope Micheal Bono sees this and leads to me into right direction about what to do from now on. And then with his advice in mind, I can go to a dermatologist.

By the way, happy Thanksgiving Seana!! I wish you and your loved ones a beautiful holiday.

I think I see what you are talking about. More importantly, I see post-treatment scabs and would like to know if these were, 1) much larger, 2) how long ago was the treatment (the ones showing scabs). Knowing this, we can somewhat ascertain the level of current you were getting.

If people notice a “white spot” and actually feel a little bump (good for you, by the way), this could be the initial “clump” of wound-collagen that is dense, lumpy and sometimes faintly visible. Yeah, it takes 18 months for the skin to “eat up” the dense wound collagen … and lay down regular skin collagen. My guess is that, a year from now, you won’t be able to find these “little monsters.”

For men with a ton of back/chest hair, I tell them that they might feel “alligator skin” for a while until full deep healing is completed. So far, not one male client has ever noticed. Too busy surfing?

Still, let’s talk about the scabs and “over-treatment.”

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Thank you so so much for taking the time and helping me out.

The scabs that you are talking about 1) were much larger in the first week or so yes, 2) scabs get smaller like that after 10-15 days and stay like that for a good month or so. The only thing I know about the currency that the expert performs is 7/10 but it is not digital and she turns the volume up and down with a button(?) thing that resembles a light switch where you can adjust the light (i guess these are called “adjustable dimmer light switch”)

I’m happy with the results I get with this expert (reduction of hair and no feel of plucking etc.) and so far no one getting treatment from her encountered a problem as such (I know 5-6 of them closely and have taken a great look many times before I decided to go) but the white dots and it having a tiny bit of darker skin and those dots not getting any better in 6 months kinda made me anxious. I just hope it is not permament. It can take 12-18 months, idc, as long as it heals completely at some point. I have gotten multiple sessions on my face with another expert but it never happened.

I truly appreciate your wisdom, knowledge and help. Thank you.

Examining the photo closer, it appears that this is freshly treated skin of no more than two weeks duration. It is certainly not what I see on my leg cases at six weeks or even six months. Never!

Maybe number one, but certainly not number 2 and 3. As I said above, if your last treatment was 6 months ago, what I see in the photo looks like it could have been a week or maybe two weeks after treatment. Very odd or maybe I’m not understanding everything you wrote very well?

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Hey, I believe there might be some miscommunication going on here. First of all, I’m not native so this might be my fault that we are not understanding each other.

The white dots are from the first clearence treatment which happened during mid March-April. However, I took this photo like 10 days after my visit for second clearence at the end of September. It might be confusing to see recent brown scabs and old white bump thing which I’m concerned about but one of them is from a recent treatment and the other one has been there consistently, ever since the 1st clearence. Hope it is all clear now.

Thanks. Consider that your skin is producing new cells every moment and is in constant change. I know we seem “static” but that’s not the case. For example, in only 1-second, 10-million cells, in our body, divide/replicate … Indeed, we are more like a reef than a statue. Especially with a deep wound (small, but deep) your skin is going through a miraculous array of changes. I’d say … stop worrying about it. Uncle Mikey would not give you bad advice … promise.


Thank you so so much. You are the expert and your wisdom is the thing I trust. It has been 6 months and since you have mentioned 18 months for the wait and see, I’ll wait a year before I feel any bad about the issue. In the meantime, I’ll be continuing the treatments without a worry. Thank you so so much, you are the best!! :slight_smile:

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Uncle Mikey, you are the best! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Prestige Electrolysis Supply used to sell the book “Life Itself” … my own copy got loaned-out (and gone, of course) and I don’t seem to be able to find the title on Amazon. So, many miraculous facts in this book. For example, in one pound of fat, we have 5-miles of blood vessels. That’s why it’s good, for your heart, to not be fat. (The heart does not recognize “political correctness!”) Also, if you lined-up all the molecules in our DNA, they would stretch-out from the Earth to the Moon, and back … TWICE! Our bodies are far more complicated than any of us realize. Thanks Peachfuzz for letting me “pontificate!” (Now, where did I leave my “asshat?”)

Let me add something here. Although I cannot show photographic evidence, here is what I have observed: continuing electrolysis treatments seems to improve adjacent marks (yes, even tiny temporary scars).

Remember, if you “kick-up” the healing process, you stimulate all the “healing cells” (macrophages, fibroblasts). And, these cells re-model everything in the skin … even unwanted marks. “Kicking up” the healing process is what skin peels, laser treatments, skin needling, etc., do to improve the skin. It’s not the laser that helps … it’s your own body’s response to the laser.

So, I’d say continue on with electrolysis because the inflammatory process will, most likely, speed the clearing of the tiny lesions that you are noticing.

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