How’s it going everybody? I just found this board because I was kind of getting fed up with the Kitty’s Consumer Beware board and it’s censorship. I believe this board will be much more non-biased, and will not shoot me if I say nething that the “moderators” don’t believe in. Here is a message from the Kitty board that I copied and pasted because I’m too lazy to type it all over again.

Hello everyone, I’m back again. I have been absent for a little over a couple of months because I was in the wonderful hair-free period after my fifth GentleLase Plus treatment. Once again, it as all came back, in fact, it even looks like there is more. I seem to have much more neck hair, upper arm, and shoulder hair especially. On Monday, I’m going to my SIXTH treatment. This is the start to my free treatments, yes that’s right, I said free. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I found a tech that has a policy after 5 treatments, re-treatments are free. Boy is he going to feel sorry. I won’t bother to waste your time about my opinions regarding the conspiracies of laser treatment and how it hasn’t worked a darn for long term effects for me. I do have some questions however.

I now realize that long term results will NEVER be achievable for me, so I am just worried about the shedding aspect. MY GOAL - To use laser treatments the rest of my life to create continual hair free periods. What I mean by this is, I would go to the tech every 2 months or so. I used KALO after my irratation from the laser went away after my fifth treatment, and I noticed that for a couple weeks after the hair free period it comes in lighter and MAY lengthen the hair-free period a tad. This is my goal…the hard part is the 2-3 weeks of irratation and pepper spots, but after that, I’m home free for a good six weeks. After those six weeks I will then go back and get another treatment, for the rest of my life. Since my treatments are now free, I am going to utilize only a few free treatments from my tech. I’m going to tell him I’ll pay him $100 or so each treatment to come back indefinitely, being that he guaranteed free treatments after the fifth, I would imagine he’d be more than willing to accept to meet the cost of his time working on me.

I have seen some machines on ebay that advertise long-term hair removal and bla bla bla, but what I’m worried about is what is the CHEAPEST device I can purchase that will enable me to get the hair free period that the GentleLase plus gives me. I’ve also tried the Lyra laser, and the Polamar Este Lux. The Polamar Este Lux gave me a hair free period, but the Lyra did not make one single hair shed. Here is one machine I’ve seen on ebay that claims to be a laser hair removal device.

Will these devices induce shedding and a total hair free period? This is all I’m looking for, just over and over again, kind of like a “laser waxing” because that’s all laser hair removal is anyways. I’m curious to what causes the hair to shed. Is it the strength of the laser, power, jules… what creates shedding because that’s all I’m interested in.

One more question, long term repeated laser treatments. Has there been any studies? Is it safe to use laser treatments say 5 - 7 times a year for ten years or so? Even if it isn’t good for your skin, well, I’m still going to do it anyways, I just want to see what I’m getting into. Please tell me good news :smile: My hairness is horrible, I look like a 21 year old wearwolf. I have hair everywhere, dark, and thick.

Thank you,


Chuck: What areas are you interested in removing the hair from? I think a good place to start is the underarms.

The chest, stomach, shoulder, lower neck, shoulder blades, and upper arms are all areas where I receiving laser treatments on.