new media story

can anyone expand on this?

also, has anyone seen Dr. Garden? He is the local expert and am thinking of spending the $$$ to go see him. thanks!


The sight you refered to is interesting. I checked all of the news clips, and only one featured “hair removal” as a title. It is difficult to understand how the “radio frequency” can enter the follicle without any kind of insertion, but you would probably benifit from the fact that they use a diode laser along with the RF.

I have had several treatments with the the LightSheer, a diode laser, and have had fairly descent success. In my opinion, the diode laser is probably the best type out there at the present time. Please note however, that the Polaris is only cleared for use but it has not been FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Correction, I meant Aurora, not Polaris. Sorry :blush: