new machine

I have been doing electrolysis once a week for one hour for six months. Half way in my electrolygist got this NEW machine. It is suppose to work five times faster than any of the old machines and is making quite the buzz accross the electrology board. It’s current is much higher and faster than the other machines and lets out a little puff of air every time it’s inserted. I was wondering what you all thought of this new machine?
My only concern is that it seems to be leaving tiny little pock marks on my face. I’m worried that they will not go away.
As for progress it seem’s to be working a liitle but im not having the results I expected with the amount of time I have put in. My hair is blonde and fine so this should be working quicker, but we have hardly made a dent it seems.


Do you know the manufacturer and model?

What kind of electrolysis were you getting before? (galvanic? blend? thermolysis/shortwave/diathermy?) Is it the same type with the new machine?

I only had thermolysis done and staying at a rate of one hour/week for six months seems quite slow compared to my experience, especially for fine hair. (But if you’re not getting thermolysis, maybe that’s the reason, since thermolysis is faster than other methods.)

I’m not sure of the make and model of the machine but I will check tommoro.

Isnt fine hair suppose to be gone quicker?

the new machine is called


High intensity thermolysis micro-pulse@1/1000 sec.

James, if you have any opinion on this machine please write in.

I guess, I would need to know what company makes that.

I am aware of an electrology technique called “SIMPLE”, but not an actual Electrolysis Machine (and I go to a lot of trade shows, so I am usually up on what’s new). Perhaps you can describe what it looks like. I have my guesses as to what it is, but without a picture, or a manufacturer, I am still in the fog on this one.

The S.I.M.P.L.E. technique is not new to electrolysis, but Suzanne Anderer, who is an electrologist, lectures, writes and offers a course to learn this technique at her school, The Illinois School of Electrology. You need a micro-flash computer to do this and many up-dated professional electrolysis epilators are already equipped to do the SIMPLE technique. I’m wondering if Suzanne has her own line of epilator’s now for the promotion of the SIMPLE technique?

If you want to delve further, you could probably just ask the person who promotes this technique if she is aware of this epilator’s label. You can reach her at Suzanne.Anderer @