new machine vs. older machines

i just started electrolysis on saturday. The lady is experienced (20 years) and inexpensive (she works out of her home but its sanitary)she uses an older machine called Kree (which is also the school she graduated from). I read they are no longer made, does that mean its old and no longer good? And although newer usually means better does that mean the older ones don’t work or aren’t as effective? Basically i want to know if i’m better off going to a more expensive electrologist with newer machines or can i stick with this electrologists even though her machine isn’t a new model. please help? i don’t want to waste my money or time…

P.S. …I forgot…GM no longer makes Oldsmobiles. Does that mean they were not as good as the Buicks they competed with and were made on the same assembly line by the same workers?

Kree made their name with Galvanic machines which are VERY slow. Any SHORT WAVE machine is faster and cheaper to use IF the electrologist knows what they are doing.

Machines deliver heat to the root if the electrologist knows how much to deliver and how to aim the needle to reach the right spot. If any of these requirements are not met the hair will regrow.

Good treatment is possible with even the oldest electrolysis machine. Skill is the greater factor here.

Having said that, a good practitioner can do more with a newer machine.

Our standard advise here is that you should get sample treatments and consultations with as many electrologists as you can and see for yourself what the wide range of difference is in your area. You may find that the person you are currently seeing is the best, most effective electrologist in the area. You could just as easily find that someone else gives you so much more hairs done per hour, with less irritation that the “extra” money is worth it.

However it works out, report back to us here, and leave the names of the good electrologists you find in our referral section.

But to continue the analogy, Model T Fords are still good cars. They will get you from point A to point B, and that is all a car is supposed to do. On the other hand, a 2004 Honda Civic Hybred will get better gas mileage, require fewer tire changes, and offer automatic climate control, all while running circles around the Model T.

Could you drive cross country in a Model T? Yes. Would you be more comfortable in a new Honda? You bet your bare hair free, care free legs on the soft climate controled seats you would.

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