New here, with questions..

Hello…I’ve been considering my options for a bit, and it looks like electrolysis is the best choice for me.

My primary area of concern is my chin - I’m female, and have more hair there than I’d like. I tweeze 5-10 hairs per day (leaving the baby fine hairs alone, though they are quite long in spots), ranging from course/thin/blonde to course/thick/very dark. The hair on my upper lip is very fine and blonde - but it’s a bit on the long side and is noticeable to me.

I’ve tried the hair reduction creams, and they haven’t really worked - and I want them gonegone anyway!

How do I go about finding a practitioner? I’m in NJ, and relatively new to the area - so asking around for personal referrals isn’t really and option. How do I know I’ve chosen a reputable place, what credentials should I be looking for? I’ve just started considering electrolysis and still have a bit of research to do - please share anything I should be considering.


hi tango,
you could try doing a search for “NJ” and one for “New Jersey” on the Electrology Referrals board.

As far as what to look for, do you know the site? It’s fantastic for answering Q’s on all kinds of hair removal. The page on choosing an electrologist is here:

If you really find no leads on the board, you could start by checking ads in the local newspaper, or maybe calling a dermotologist’s office and seeing if they have any recommendations, or checking the yellow pages. Whatever you do, DO NOT just stick with the first/only person you see. Absolutely you must have one visit with a few electros. It will be the only way you will understand how to tell a good electro from a bad one. After trying about 3 people, you will be able to see the differences in how fast each person works, are you feeling any “tweezing” sensations, do they treat your skin harshly, do they seem sanitary, etc. Then go with the person who seems to remove the most amount of hair without any tweezing.

For any other questions, we’re here.

Good luck to you. All I can say is that once you start with electro, you will wonder why you put up with the hairiness for so long. It’s incredibly liberating.
–susie (a client, not an electro)

Thanks for the tips, susie!

I suppose I’m a little hesitant to try people out since it’s my face we’re talking about…I put a post up on the referrals board and will keep looking till I’ve gotten good feedback. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I just need to keep reading till I know exactly what I’m looking for…


To test out electrologists, you may wish to either have the test treatments on your legs, or on an unseen part of your face, like under the chin, leading into the neck.