new here, just had my first lightsheer treatment

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’ve got a lot of unwanted hair.

I’ve been reading the forums/archives for about a week and half. There is so much great info here. :smile:

I thought I would share my experience so far. I’ve made a web page at -

I plan to update after each treatment.

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Thank you for having the courage to share your experience. The first treatments are always the worst. After that, it only gets better.

Yes!!Thank you for having the courage!! The first treatments are the worst and it does get alot better. Are you using emla or any other dumbing cream before treatment? I couldn’t imagine not having it on, it would hurt so much! :fearful:
I looked like you when I came home from my first and second treatments and they have gotten much easier since then. The hair is growing in so fine and sparatic now after 4 treatments that I really am excited that it worked so well. I am only having my upper and lower lip, chin and neck done right now and now I will start treating the cheeks and sideburns in the new year. I found this to be a saviour for me and I can’t wait til I am done my whole face. I too have had facial hair since I was around 12 or so. It is so embaressing that I would just cry and cry because I would have to shave and pluck EVERYDAY for an hour before leaving the house. Now I have only a few minutes of maintenace and I am not all red and sore afterwards. My only problem is that I break out when some of the hairs start to grow back. I can deal I guess if I am hair free.
Anyways, I look forward to seeing your updates. Good Luck!

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by bebba:
<strong>Are you using emla or any other dumbing cream before treatment? I couldn’t imagine not having it on, it would hurt so much! :fearful: </blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>No numbing cream, only ice. I read that numbing cream wasn’t good because I wouldn’t be able to tell if I was being burned. So, I went without. Now that I am comfortable that the nurse knows what she is doing, I will probably use something.

Thanks for the encouragement Johnny9 and bebba. :smile:

thank you so much for sharing your experience. i truly hope that you will find relief at last.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know how difficult it can be to even think about the idea of having facial hair. I have had facial hair since, about, high school. I’ve had 4 treatments on my face (chin, upper lips, side burns and cheeks) and the results are just great. I am a totally new person. I let my boyfriend touch my face and actually talk to people WHILE LOOKING AT THEM! I’m not sure if you had the same problems as me, but that’s how I was about my facial hair.
My first appointment was horrible, but I can’t imagine how painful it would have been without any numbing cream. I don’t even think I would have been able to endure more than a couple zaps without it. Keep us posted on your story and don’t be shy, it only gets better from here.

I had my first lightshear appt today on face and brazillian, and must say the pain was like a intense burn for a few seconds in areas with more sparce hair…I just hope all goes well in the next few treatments…Look forward to hearing others results!

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of you out there posting to this board! It is such a relief to know that you are not alone with this horrible, horrible, horrible problem. I am thirty and my sister is twenty years old. We both have a bad case of facial hair. We each had seven treatments on our face with Light Sheer and Aurora. Even though it is a long way to hair free, the maintenance had become SO much easier. Before the laser plucking would take hours from the day. Now it is a few minutes of shaving and I could be out the door in no time.

My case was so bad that I would not open the door to dearest friends if they decided to drop by the house unannounced or with a very short warning, I always needed time to pluck before any encounter with an outside world.

For those of you ladies with the same problem of facial hair, I would strongly recommend the Laser. It is expensive, and if you have excessive growth like I do, I doubt the results of laser will yield into permanently hair free you, but it will make your life easier. I will definitely consider electrolysis after I am done with laser. I am under impression that electrolysis produces more permanent results and works on light hair. So far, I would say that purchasing this Laser package to treat my face was one of the best investments, and the return on this investment is better quality of life. I no longer have a shadow on my face; I don’t have to put tons of concealer and foundation to hide the shadow and the red spots from all that plucking, and I can open the door to unexpected guests since shaving can always be done in minutes.

Once again, my sincere appreciation to all of you sharing your experiences and feelings.

Take care, polki.