New hairs grows out after treatment!

why they are lots of new dark, coarse hairs grow out after 3 treatment? i had stopped to go to the electroylisit treatment for 16 days now.

Hair grows in cycles, so only some of your active hairs are visible at any given time. That is why you must go for treatment on a regular schedule.

But i did not pluck these new hairs before!

Let’s say an area has 100 visible hairs. That means there are probanly about 300 actual hairs in the area, but some are not visible at that moment because they have just shed or are just starting to grow.

If you pluck all the visible hairs, the ones that are just under the skin are going to show up soon after. That is why you have to go to electrolysis or laser many times to reat each hair. Some can’t be treated the first time. Depending on the area, the growth cycle can be a few weeks to a few months. Until you have treated all the way through a growth cycle, your hairs will continue to show up. And since plucking does no permanent removal, the ones you have plucked will start growing again very soon after you pluck them.

Thanks for your answer, really aprreciate!

I clearly know what is happening now

i decided to stop the treatment for about 5 months, is that alright? Because soon after one month, i am going back bome for summer vacation, and it will take about 4 months.

i just worried there are might lots of hair will grow during this 5 months!

Next year, this same time, you will be able to see the results of what you did this year, but only during the months you had work done.