New Hair....Want my Hairy chest and back area gone live in boston area

Hi I’m 20 years old and have alot hair on my chest and back I dont know any places where I can go to get prices because I know shaving wont do anything because I turn red after. Also I dont make that much money what are the cost and if laser is not for me what is the best way to get the hair removed???

Thank you

those areas cost about $300-400 per treatment each and you will need 6-8 treatments. so yes, it’s pretty expensive. waxing is an option at a salon.

The Boston area will charge much closer to $400 per treatment and as lagirl said you will definitely need several treatments. Since you don’t have alot of money, a cheaper alternative is to get your body waxed only during the summer months (since you will probably keep your shirt on during the winter). You should find some good places for waxing in the South End of Boston.