New hair removal scam: E-Glide electric roller

Hairfacts reader Joyce sent me this hilarious ad she saw in a catalog.

Why do I see Lawsuits in the making…?

Is this a US advertisment?

If this is done using the US Postal service to mail package, or mail order, they are liable for postal fraud. That is why so many of them do not use the mails. FEDEX and UPS are legal when they participate. They always claim they do not know what is in the package and they can not open them or test them to see if they work. they carry too many different items. Post office closes their mailbox. Nothing in or out. No checks or orders in or out if fraud is the issue
I am not sure about doing this over the net as to fraudulent use of the web being the same as mails.

More men than ever. They all fel the girls do not want a hairy gorilla.

Many girls prefer the hairy guys. they seem more masculine or animal like. They do not seem to be too feminine. Many gay guys have been shaving their body for years. So do swimmers (to reduce water resistance). No hair on fish as it slows then down. Seals spend lots of time out of water and need the hair for warmth.

Women started to remove most or all sexual hair for years. Underarms since forever but genital hair more recently. Why all of a sudden do things like that happen or start. We are a nation of faddists. Things come and go. How about the sudden popularity of tattoos to the extreme, the macarena, nehru jackets for men and so many other things. They hit and have a run then disappear. The speed of computers and TV helps get them going. It appears to me the faster they come in … the faster they go out.

products like this usually make me money doing electrolysis in the long run!

These things are listed all over Amazon now. Sad but true.

Many different companies and price points, often no reviews to warn folks away and “only X left, order soon” wording.

Oh, and they are making a false claim of permanent hair removal: Verseo has the new eGlide hair removal roller and it uses galvanic electrolysis technology to permanently remove unwanted hair. Women and men wanted a permanent home hair removal system that was simple and affordable and now they have it with the eGlide hair removal roller. Its breakthrough technology features a delivery mechanism that evenly distributes a mild painless galvanic current to your skin penetrating the hair shaft to deaden the hair follicle. It is NOT like a electrolysis epilator which pulls the hairs out. The eGlide hair removal roller safely and painlessly removes the hair.

WOW! ROLLERDERM !!! Like Rollerball…different, but a losing story in the end. Transdermal galvanic electrolysis with 2 AA batteries. Best conductivity when used on the tongue (nyuck ynuck)

I wish companies would stop preying upon the desperate people with unwanted hair! No real permanent hair removal is truly fast, laser and electrolysis take time and need to be done with more or less professional equipment and the know how… Not home gimmicky products that do who knows what…

I am glad I found electrolysis!!! The real kind with a probe and a trained operator.