New hair growth on younger individuals - more info please!!!

On an earlier post I explained how a laser specialist had less success on younger individuals because of new hair. Does anyone have further info on this. I am going to talk with someone from the American Academy of Dermatology next week to clear up some questions I have. It does seem to make sense though, that you can’t kill what you don’t yet have. New growth is a big concern of mine.

you will need maintenance treatments even after the initial 8 treatments or so about 1-2 times a year. everyone has new growth, no matter what age you start with. you will still be developing new hair as you get older and older. if you get lhr, you just need to have realistic expectations and presume that this will happen. ALL hair shouldn’t look it “grew back”, but treating the hairs that grow in once in a while 1-2 times a year should keep you looking hairfree.

one reason why laser is not considered “permanent”

I am a 21 y/o male who has had one treatment so far. So far so good. You can click the link in my signature to read about my treatment.

New hair growth is something that has concerned me too. But personally, I am set on becoming hairless. Now I know this is impossible with lhr only. So my goal is to get rid of all the hair I can with lhr, then get the remaining hair with electrolysis.

New hair that comes in, which is something I have taken into account, shouldn’t come in all that dense, or all that quickly. I plan on just getting it removed via electrolysis as it comes in.

As long as I can get rid of 70% or more of the hair I have already, I will be happy. I am not overly hairy to begin with, but I figured it was better to start early and get what I can now.


I tried to post this earlier but, for some reason, I couldn’t. So here it goes again.

When a person approaches puberty is when he/she sees the onset of darker hairs. As we get older, the hairs in areas of the body become thicker and more dense. With guys, it is especially noticeable on the face and the shaving starts. As we continue in age, more hair follicles are activated for several reasons, one of them being hormones. This is one reason that the old wives tale seems to make sense: shaving causes hair to become more thick and dense. In reality, it is the natural growth of hair. So, when having hair removed at a younger age, it might appear that it is not doing any good, especially of those who are naturally inclined to have bunches of hair. This is not to discourage LHR at a younger age as LHR will kill hair follicles. This may be a reason why that, at least in appearance, that LHR doesn’t seem to be as successful for younger clients.

I should also note that this process, I understand, will continue until we are in our late 20’s or early 30’s, or possibly even a tad bit longer. Each person is different.