New Gentlelase PRO

Candela has finally come up with their new generation of Gentlelase lasers. It is called Gentlelase Pro.

New Features:

  1. Continuous 2 HZ speed without degradation.
  2. Adjustable pulse width
  3. One handpiece for 6,8,10,12,15,18 slider
  4. Ease of operation
  5. Very Quiet
  6. New handpiece with fan built in it.

We are very excited to incorporate this laser in our practice.

Neat. Is the cryogenic cooling system the same?

Hopefully clinics buy it here. Here in Toronto no one has GentleLASE everyone is in love with soprano. It must be a cheap machine because there’s 2 or 3 group buy deals for lhr each week and it’s always soprano xl.

Yes, it uses Cryogen. It is an AMAZING LASER.

Great news!

Edokid, I bet the Toronto sales rep for the Soprano is good :wink:

They have to be! Either that or Soprano must have some good type of payment plan or something. I think the thing too is people like it because it’s versatile, GentleLASE you’re really restricted in who you can treat so for anyone looking to open a clinic, GentleLASE isn’t really the best machine to get unless it’s the Max.

It’s too bad they didn’t make improvements to it that are more relevant to the consumer, like a 20+mm spot size something like LightSheer Duet. When Apogee Elite upgraded to MPX it added larger spot size and the cool dual alex/yag mode.

Max energy is the same
The Fan in the Handpiece cools it so it does not overheat.
WE HAVE IT IN OUR OFFICE !!! ( 2 of them )