new gene identified

Andrea, I know you like new information on things that could eventually lead to a cure for excess hair. Do you think you might be able to decipher this?
It’s all jibberish to me!

There is no way to take a pill or other systemic treatment that will treat a single area without treating al the hair on the body. The patient would lose their eyebrows, scalp hair, pubic hair, underarm hair, etc. If this is what you want you could try it, howevedr, the demand for such a product would be limited, consequently, no drug company could make money on this product, therefore, no money will be spent on this “product” as it is just as expensive to do research on a sucessfull product as a failure.

I never said there was a pill that could do this at the present time unless you consider antiandrogens to be able to do this. In this case you WILL NOT lose your eyebrows and scalp hair. You should know this being a Certified Profession Electrologist. Hair doesn’t work that way. Actually, some people believe that some of the same causes of Male Pattern Baldness cause Excess hair as well. That is why some people have tried Saw Palmetto. I was simply posting an article that shows that there WILL be a cure for excess hair in the near future. It’s getting a little tiresome explaining this to people. If you don’t believe me that there are plenty of researchers trying to find this cure. You should do a google search on skinetics bioscience, Dr. Angela Christiano, Elaine Fuchs, and Thomas Bohem to name a few. Skinetics Bioscience is starting clinical trials this winter for a permanent hair inhibitor. I predict that her or Elaine Fuchs will come up with a true cure for excess hair.

Hi Kyle…

I am being treated for “hypothyroidism” by the endocrinologist who invented Vaniqa. My condition was discovered by an astute dermatologist because the outer third of my eyebrows were missing and this is one of the hypothyroid symptoms.

I have all the hair on my head except for a very small patch on the back of the crown and I have very little gray in my hair. The kicker in all this is I was 76 years old last May. The point of all this is the hair color and quantity is based on genetics but a medical condition can, and did, cause selective hair loss to a certain part of my body that we electrologists do not think of in our daily work as being altered by hormones. My son is 50 years old and he was prematurely gray and had a lot of hair loss at an early age. He is not bald but has a rising hair line and thinning hair. All this is due to hyperthyroid disease which is the opposite of my condition.

Another fact that has been reported frequently in AIDS patients is the unusual extra amount and extra length of eyelashes in many of these patients. Dermatologists can scan the skin and see things that an Internist or Primary Care doc will not see. The trick is to look AT the skin …not THROUGH the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and reflects what is going on inside the body.

So here we have cases of disorders that for some unknown reason can affect hair growth and/or loss in multiple areas of the body that differs from a “male pattern distribution”. At present there is no explanation as to why these patterns of growth and hair loss are so different from what is normally seen.