New forum for dark skinned patients!!

This forum is excellent Andrea! However, being dark skinned, some of us would like to read testimonials from people like ourselves without needing to verify a patient’s skin color. In addition, it would be nice to have all the info in one place instead of searching for “dark skinned” “colored” etc…in the search boxes.

So, please visit this forum I have set up to have one place for testimonials of colored people.

From what I have read here, there are few dark skinned patients having success or even attempting laser hair removal. I am hoping some people post success stories on that forum!

i’ve read some success stories from dark skinned patients on kitty’s forum

Thanks lagirl!

However, it is hard to find these posts among the others from generally Western white skinned patients :slight_smile:

Please participate in my forum too and you can give advice to people of color about laser types (Nd:Yag seems by far the most popular), settings etc…

Hopefully, the forum will also prevent colored people from wasting money on wrong machines, as well as getting scarred.