New dangers from Lasers.. MELANOMA


There was a recent article in a dermatology journal about “LENTIGO MALIGNA”. It discusses a benign freckle that converts to a malignant melanoma after being exposed to laser treatments.

A copy of the article is being sent to me by the Chief of Dermatology at the Massachusetts Gen’l Hosp. (Dr. Arthur Sober, a world reknown expert on the subject of melanomas… I should have it before the end of this week and will post the reference).

Melanomas are caused by the cumulative exposure to sunlight or any other source of light that has the same wavelength as certain lasers including the lasers used for hair removal and other cosmetic purposes.

Melanomas are difficult to diagnose by just looking at them. Dermatologists are more able to diagnose them, however, a biopsy is usually needed to be accurate. Dr, Sober uses a “jewlers magnifying loup” to examine my wife and takes pictures each year to compare even the slightest changes that might not be obvious without comparing them from year to year. (MORE TO FOLLOW …as soon as I receive the article later this week)


Your agenda laden posts are growing trite.

Do you have a copy of the entire abstract that you’d like to post for us, or don’t you?

I have a feeling that you don’t, or rather, that if you do post it, we’ll all realize that your “warnings” and predictions of doom for the LHR industry are based on either half-truths or atrocious reasoning skills.


I debunked this claim here:;f=44;t=000044