new Braun epilator & my bikini area


Hi everyone!

After doing quite a bit of research (including reading all the posts here), I bit the bullet and bought an epilator. I have to say that I LOVE it! :grin: It was really easy (although a little time consuming). I really expected it to hurt, but amazingingly, I had no pain when doing my legs, feet and toes (ok, maybe I got a little carried away, but I was very excited!). I got some red bumps on my legs, but they disappeared shortly after I put some moisterizer on them.

I also did my bikini area. That did sting a bit and I did bleed a little (this sometimes happens to me even when I use tweezers in this area), but it wasn’t too bad. In trying to do this area, I did have quite a bit of difficulty going against the hair growth in curvier areas. I had trouble getting the epilator close enough to my skin, so a lot of hairs were missed. Do you have any suggestions to make it easier to get to these areas?

Also, I got a lot more of the red bumps in my bikini area than I did on my legs. In fact, its been almost 24 hours, and I still have them there. How long does it usually take for them go away and will I get fewer bumps as my bikini area gets used to the epilation?

One more question. It seems like no matter what I use to remove hair from my bikini area (shaving, waxing or epilation), I always end up with a rash. :angry: Which method do most people find to be less likely to produce this rash?

Thanks in advance for all you help!

Fairyfolk :smile:


Glad you like the epilator! I like mine too for legs and arms, but I’m not taking that thing too close to my bikini area! :fearful:

Hairs in the bikini area are susually more dense, coarse and deep than leg hairs, and the skin tends to be more sesitive. That menas more rash. I find waxing gives me the least rash there, but everyone’s different. I find that using Tend Skin really helps reduce my rash a lot. I also recommend trying witch hazel right after, followed by 100% aloe gel. That can feel really good and eliminate the rash for some of us.