New bench (Seana's mad scientist clinic)

So the days of killing my back to do electrolysis is over. This weekend my new bench arrives. A place was liquidating a bunch of old medical exam tables locally. This will work wonderfully.


Does it come with stirrups?I always thought the lower end of brazillians would be a lot easier with a gyno table with stirrups. Those pesky down under hairs are hard to reach!

It does

The thought had occurred to me this would make genital work easy. I’m starting to get asked a lot for that.

I’m also considering the little pull out sideboard is about perfectly placed to use it to mount a clamping optical loop, which I happen to have.


The problem with working with that sort of thing is you can’t get your legs under the person you are working on, and therefore you will be bending your back more than you should. The ergonomics are the key to long appointment endurance for practitioners.

Oh, there I go again, giving up the secret sauce.

You are right, to an extent. If you look closely you will note it’s up on a pedestal and there’s about 6 inches all around to get your feet under. For face work there’s a foot or so of legroom at the top and some at the bottom under the legs. It’s not perfect, but I’m not doing too many marathons anymore except on myself.I’d considered getting a little stool to put the pedal on when working on myself.


My new electrolysis setup. I’m not finding the issue with legroom as James had suggested, however my play to clamp the lamp onto the sideboard isn’t working as well as I hoped. It’s a little TOO close to the working area and the light arm binds trying to position it correctly. I may have to rethink this part. The height though is just about perfect for working ( and it’s adjustable!) .

I have a new person scheduled for monday for some inner thigh work. This will make such a whole lot easier .And since this is actually paying work, it means I get to eat this week. Hurray!


How’s the new table working out? Do the stirrups help?

Well James is right to a degree. Getting my legs under the table would be easier. That said there is lots of room at the top because it overhangs and I am able to mke the ergonomics work there.It’s a good thing 90% of what I do is on the face. Body work (I did some on the upper thighs this morning with the stirrups) I do have to bend over more than I like but the stirrups do help.
One comment I have is it’s a little hard. The foam on medical benches is quite thin.As a cleanable surface to work on that’s the right height it does the job well.


two words my friend; memory foam.

that may be the way to go for while yes . It doesnt present a cleanable surface though or address being getting to get positioned correctly. I think I can live with it for a while, but as I progress it shall be replaced.I’m getting picky about my equipment arent I ?


I had my boyzilian and butt crack performed on a similar bench with stirrups. Still I was asked in advance if I had nothing against this position. Actually it was great comfort for the technician and me as well.