New AVON Hair Removal System

AVON will be introducing a new product based on SKIN-SO-SOFT which includes a hair removal creme (intro special $4.99, will be $8 later), Hair-Minimizing Lotion (intro special $4.99, will be $8 later), and a Shaving Cream (intro special $3.99, will be $5 later). These products will be introduced in about a week (campaign 3)

As an AVON Lady I have tried the Hair Removal Cream and the shaving cream. I found the Hair removal cream to be effective and nearly odor free. The Hair removal cream worked in the advertised 4 minute time. There was a little skin sensation afterwards but it removed the hair completely. I tried another product on the same area previously with little effect.

The Hair-Minimizing Lotion use instructions say to use daily on areas that are being shaved and with the hair-removal cream. I’ve not had time to use it to be able to comment on it. The claim is “… for a softer, finer, less visible hair in 2 weeks” and “After 2 weeks of using Hair -Minimizing Lotion, 71% of women shaved significantly less often”.

The shave cream has a very faint and nice odor and works like any shave cream should. It contains “a unique blend of moisturizers and vitamin E”

Mary Anne

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Thanks for the info, Mary-Anne. It sounds like a competitor to the Jergens products introduced last year. Those products contained emollients and a mild depilatory cream which made hairs appear finer in some consumers. These products do not affect hair growth, but they can reduce frequency of shaving in some consumers.

Not that I really think it needs saying… but, of course, one should always take things with a grain of salt when said by someone selling the products.