New at this, need advice with laser treatments

I want to try the laser on my chest and lower abs. I went to my first consultation and realized I’m not as informed as I need to be. Firstly, they wanted $2200 which I had no idea it would be that expensive. She told me that had a new laser, I belive its called a Lyra?

Anyway, I’m fairly light skinned and my chest hair is pretty dark so I think I would be a good candidate. From what I read, it would be impossible to predict how well any treatment would work, but what I need advice on is:

  1. What type of lasers/treatments should I stay away from and what types should I look for, and
  2. How much should I expect to pay? Is 2200 to much, average?


Hi mighunter: I really wish you knew the exact name of the machine, because if it is the Lyra, then it is not appropriate for your skin color. The Lyra is a long-pulse NdYag (1064nm) laser, and it is powered enough to treat hair on Fitzpatrick 4,5 and 6 skin types, but is not at all effective on lighter skins. The 1064 wavelength has the least affinity for melanin of all of the hair removal lasers, which is a double-edged sword in a way. It will remove hair on darker skin types safely, since it will target the greater concentration of melanin in the hair, not the skin. But it is grossly under-powered for light skin, even with dark hair. With your skin type you could be safely treated with either a diode or high-powered 1064 like the Coolglide - I hope this helps

$2200 for how many treatments? If that is the price for 1 treatment that is too expensive. You should get at least 3 treatments for that price.

With light skin and dark hair, go for the Lightsheer diode laser. You should be able to handle high fluences to get maximum effectiveness. The most important thing is to find a skilled and experienced practitioner.

I just thought of a good way (maybe) to find a good practitioner. If they are booked 4 weeks ahead when you call, word has gotten around that they are good. This is just a theory and not scientific.


Thanks for the info harifetish, I just wish I understood what you were saying. You got the laser right, that is the kind I was talking about. I’ve now gone to two consultations and both had the same laser. I’m going to another one tonight and I’ll have to ask about the Lightsheer. Anyway, thanks for the replies.