new and need help!


I’m female in my twenties with a terrible upper lip/chin & facial hair problem for years. Practically nothing has worked properly for me bcos my skin is hypersensitive. I develop dark patches/hyperpigmentation with waxing & depilatories so I have resorted to using fine-tip scissors to take out hair. This means spending 30 minutes each morning to trim hair. The problem with this method is that my skin is not smooth; I’m left with stubs.

I hope u can answer my questions:

  • I saw this product & was wondering if anyone has tried it?

  • will electrolysis cause hyperpigmentation on dark skin?

  • what other method of hair removal is there?

Please help me with my embarrassing problem. thank you very much!

Okay, I’ll take this one - again.

Hi noini.

This is a scam product that doesn’t work. Read our sister site and search for electric tweezers to get more info. Anything that does not deliver enough energy, via a probe, down to the bottom of the hair follicle will not affect hair. This product will not kill hair. Save your money, honey.

Search for and sample electrologists in your area. A skilled electrologist can easily take care of your facial hair. Any kind of trauma or irritation can cause hyperpigmentation to happen to those with darker skin who are susceptible to hyperpigmention. After treatments are completed, the hyperpigmentation will fade or you can use medicants or natural products to speed up the fading process.

Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal for all skin colors and all hair colors. Just research and find someone good who cares about your skin. Do not become a victim of scammers. It’s not funny and this is why hairtell and hairfacts exists, to protect neophyte believers like yourself.


i would also recommend you see an endocrinologist doctor and get tested for possible medical condition causing this much hair. there might be medication to help with new growth. electrolysis is the best option for removal of facial hair, permanently.

I have mostly light colored (with a some dark ones mixed in) but full lip hair. I’ve tried everything short of electrolysis, and seriously the only thing that works for me is shaving. It hasn’t made the hair grow in any thicker, and I only have to do it every 3-5 days to avoid noticeable stubble. Probably not the best solution, but I can’t afford anything else. Tweezing that area doesn’t work either, it leaves bumps.