NeverShaveAgain (WARNING!): A reader returns one in person!

Thank you for you site.

I only wished that I would have seen it earlier. I have already spent money on useless junk like shave no more that seems to be a pineapple juice sold as hair inhibitors. I also bought Finally free from

When I received the unit I couldn’t turn it on, it was obviously broken, so I e-mailed their customer service but they never answered the mail I sent them mail again and again and never got an answer. I also called customer service phone number and I always got an answering machine that said, “Our entire representative are busy at the moment please leave you name and number and we will contact you.” But I never got a call from them. So I started to think what kind of company is that? Then I found your homepage on
the internet and read about that product. Then I realized that I had probably been screwed.

I live in about 2 and a half hour away from their “corporate offices” that are located on 55 Acorn drive, Watchung, New Jersey. So I decided to return the unit in person, and also see what kind of company this is.

And guess what, 55 Acorn drive was not an office building or anything like that, it was a nice single family house or should I say a manor in a really fine and expensive neighbourhood. I rang the doorbell and elderly couple came to the door. I told them that I was here to return this product; it was broken and would probably not work anyway. The man said that his son was in that business and took the unit and told me that he would give it him. That showed me that there is something really strange about that company. I don’t know what to think. A company that would be selling a hair removal unit that would work that easily wouldn’t be located in parent’s house. Or maybe his parent where living in his house because he got so rich of selling this product. I just hope I will get my money back, they promise 100% money back on their homepage.

p.s. I included a picture of their “corporate offices”.

Keep up good work!

Did you get your money back? I have been waiting for nearly a year, leaving messages and emails to no avail. I wonder how this company is allowed to be in business. There should be a law against fraudulent businesses like this one.

OMG! I don’t believe this… I can’t believe that we are all getting tricked like this and no one is doing anything about it… Now I don’t know if I ever dare to purchase any other hair removal product online again, especially those overly priced ones that claim PERMANENT hair removal. Gosh, they are ALL lies!!!

That’s the entire reason for this website. There is no cheap magical permanent hair removal system out there.

They are counting on good people like yourself to support their most profitable, lavish lifestyle. Here’s a thread that you might want to read.

By the way, how much money did you spend for this?

Thanks for the advice everyone. I AM SO HAPPY to find this forum and site so that I won’t get ripped off anymore… I spent $99 on this STUPID product that I will eventually throw into the garbage. I WAS going to get some patches, but thank goodness I didn’t… What a big bunch of lies… I really hope that others will not fall for it either so that these scams can finally be stopped.I wonder why they are still continuing to do it and no one is doing anything about it??

They protect themselves via small print etc. If you have a good credit card like American Express, you can usually get a refund that way.

OMG I wished we saw this form back in October 08. We purchased one of those finally free hair removel products. It was just a plain joke. It didnt work at all. We sent it back after 2 weeks and demanded a refund. Well of course like others, no responce. We are now working with the credit card company to get refunded. This company need to be sued. Sorry we didnt read all of these reviews first. Never again. Hope the word gets out to others before its too late