(WARNING!): Another reader scammed

I got this note on 27 June 2005:

I bought machine for a hundred bucks and a hundred dollars worth of their little patches. did absolutely nothing. finally threw it away having disassembled it to discover what it was which was nothing. just a batch of parts, not a radio signal generator. I wish I hadn’t taken it apart and then tossed it before having read their guaranty. I’d have sent it back in hopes of getting some of my $200 + back. here’s a quick description, theirs:

[quote]The Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System uses a unique, patented hair removal process, that sends a painless radio frequency wave through the hair, deadening the hair at the root. After a few applications, the hairs are gone for good and will NOT grow back.

Horse pucky! [/quote]

We keep telling people not to buy this product. I hope some of the people are listening.

I didn’t see this site before I purchased the Finally Free system. Wish I had. THe problem is that their site seems legitimate - with FDA claims, clinical studies and the whole nine yards. I am actually fairly intelligent but mistakenly believed their money back guarantee, no questions asked promise. I did everything as they requested and have not received any sort of refund or reply to my inquiries going on a year.

What I don’t understand is why so many of us have been scammed and obviously continue to be scammed without interference from someone. Has there not been an attorney who has been scammed by them? It would not be worth the money to individually file some sort of legal suit against this dishonest company but is there not something that can be done as a group or through a watchdog group? I am not an attorney and know little about these things, but this company seems blatantly fraudulent and should not be allowed to continue to steal from unsuspecting buyers.
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There is a HairTell member looking to do a class action case against the scammers, but I don’t know off hand a post string with his info in it.

Maybe some helpful HairTell Member can find that and post a link here. I am too busy today to both look for it, and post it.