Needle depth?

Hi i have a question:

If the needle doesn’t reach the bottom of the folicle and stays a little above the base of the hair will the hair be afected in any way? I mean it surely will not be electrolised well, but some of the hydroxide produced could reach the bottom making the hair to come thiner next time? Is it so or i am loosing time when doing this mistake?

Please keep in mind we are working in microscopic measurements. If you keep the AC high enough and your insertion is accurate you will probably get permanent hair removal, if the hair slips out properly.

Scientist, the answer to your question is yes. When the OH is produced, its negative charge makes it diffuse in all directions away from the needle.

Additionally, the OH ions persist in the area for some time after the treatment, causing residual tissue destruction.

Too-shallow insertions are worse than too deep, as they can lead to an easily removed hair which continues to grow, up into the healed tissue above - ingrown hair.

Complicating the situation: The follicle changes length through the growth cycle, and the target area moves up and down.