Needle bending for low angle hairs

Just the other day, after quite a few hours of awkward hand positioning to get the needle in low-angle hairs, I thought I’d try bending the needle. It makes a HUGE difference in the ergonomics. I couldn’t figure out why it makes such a difference, and then I realized: You can adjust the needle angle by slightly rotating the holder in your hand, instead of moving your whole hand.

For what it’s worth.

Got the idea from Bono’s Blend Method. That man knows his stuff.

He sure does!

That is why I tell everyone to buy his book!
The Blend Method by Michael Bono from Tortoise Press Available from Texas Electrolysis Supply and other find Electrolysis Suppliers.

Just make sure that you are bending the probe with as close to sterily tweezers as you can get, and not touching it with your hand. You don’t want to contaminate the thing too badly.