NEEDING help/Adice/anything.. (WARNING grosspics!)

I a young adult female with extreme hair growth. I have black, thick, coarse hair in my entire armpit, my bikini line, above my bikini line, my butt, my stomach even in my butt, and it’s starting on the back of my legs! :frowning: Ugh! Anyways I get terrible ingrowns and bumps from shaving and waxing. The hairs are far to thick to bleach. It never works on them. :frowning: Anyways I will include some photos but do any of you think I will ever have clear skin again? (I do have one big stretch mark down the middle so ignore that) How long do you think it will take to remove the hair in all these places. The hair pictured resembles the hair in all these spots. Does anyone else have hair growth like this? Or in any area? I have been shaving these areas since I can remember. Ugh. Any advice?

I didn’t add in the butt. For the sake of everyones eyes! But anyways its pretty bad and I feel completely gross!

Sorry if I offended anyones eyes!!

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Armpit FULLY grown out
Above underwear line. Dark line is from pregnancy. Brown dots are ingrown hairs and bumps from shaving.
Bikini Line. With a lot of ingrowns. :frowning:

You have not offended my eyes, because I do work like this all the time.

If you get started on these areas, you can, indeed get them smooth and clear.

Look at 7:05 through 9:00
The dark skinned lady used to have a full face full of curly, coarse ingrown hairs, complete with dark spots and angry raised bumps. While she did not want a before picture used in this video, she did consent to show the difference between the area we had under control, and the area we had not yet fully mastered.

In short, there is hope for you.

Nice thick hairs! It should be removed in no time provided you’re commited to the process.

Hope you like pain though, some of those areas are OUCH.

Thank you for replying. After I am done with electrolysis I should then start to see skin clearance of scars and such? I’m hoping to have hair free skin in these areas with electrolysis. It would be amazing.

After you are done with the electrolysis, your skin will return to normal color, will be smooth, and supple again.

As for the stretch marks, you will need to increase your vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and calcium intake to help that.

Won’t laser be suitable as some types of lasers can handle darker skin? This would reduce the number of hairs after a course of treatments making follow up electrolysis much easier and reduce ingrowing hairs. You are not gross.

Personally, I would not use LASER on such dark skin, but that’s my personal bias.

I should add here, you MUST see a doctor to rule out issues such as hormonal imbalance, PCOS, etc that might be causing excessive hair growth. Otherwise, new hairs will continue to appear in new areas.

Yes. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with me. I think it’s just a hereditary thing. I talked to my doctor and she said not to worry and just save up for hair removal. I don’t want to do laser as I’m sure the hair will come back. I want something permenant so I don’t have to deal with this amount of hair again.

I don’t want to do laser as I’m sure the hair will come back

If it’s done properly, it won’t.

Stick to ELECTROLYSIS the one and only trusted method! I dont think you have a hormonal problem, your hair is typical of what i see at my office, i treat a lot of indian/asian and black skins/hairs. You will get fantastic results if you stick to what your electrologist tells you! Good luck and keep us updated

Hi! Yes, electrolysis will help to remove the hair, but I have tips to remove the scars/bumps, as I had the sameee exact issue in the beginning of the year and it has now cleared up.
You’ll need:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Tend Skin
  • an exfoliator (I used a korean italy bath towel, I got it off ebay)

If you cannot get the exfoliator, at least get Tend Skin. That stuff saved my skin.

At nights, I used to take a quick shower and exfoliate my skin with the towel, especially the problem areas. After I shower, I would first apply Tend Skin with a cotton ball. Then, I’d wait for about 5 minutes and then apply the tea tree oil. In the morning, I’d apply the Tend Skin once again. The areas cleared up within a month.

I still get ingrown hairs/bumps every now and then, but I just rely on the tend skin. But you’ll keep getting ingrown hairs for as long as you have hair in that area, which electrolysis can solve.

Stick to ELECTROLYSIS the one and only trusted method!

What does this even mean? What about all the people who get treated and don’t get results from incompetent electrologists?

Thank you for you reply. It is much appreciated. I will give your advice a try.

and please take what M.K says about ‘tend skin’ with a grain of salt. The only real way to disrupt scars is below the epidermis either with laser or derma-rolling <- (so i’ve heard).

Time also helps :slight_smile:

I’m a bit taken aback by the ‘gross’ and the ‘yucky’ titles…because I’ve done that to myself too now that I think about it…you’ve reminded me that I should be nice to myself…

Much good luck with the hair removal