Needing a new machine

I have been using a fischer compublend since I started doing electrolysis and its going out. I have to turn both thermolysis and the electrolysis settings up very high even on vellous hairs to get them to ease out. I use the old fashioned blend modailty. My instructor trained me on an old proteus thermolysis machine that she still uses to date. I also trained under a lady who uses blend and thats what she used on me and thats what actually got rid of my menopausal hairs that I had plucked for yrs. So when i started I bought an extra fischer compublend machine she had and thats what I have been using since I started professionally doing the blend. I dont do it full time but I have 10 clients that I do and havent had any problems so far with the blend and some I have done only took 3 treatments for the hairs to totally disappear.

Now my question to anyone is, my machine is going out and I want to buy a new one. Im a hairstylist full time and electrology is my part time gig that I will eventually end up doing more towards the end of my hair career and electrology will take me into old age so i want to get a new machine NOW and pay it off with the monies I get from my electrology clients and when I DO make it fulltime, it will be paid off.

I have been looking at the apilus jr mainly because its in my price range and it seems to do the things I want and a little more. I started out doing thermolysis with the proteus in training class but when I tried doing thermolysis with my fischer compublend, it was too painful to my clients so I stuck with the blend because it seemed to be less painful to my clients and less skin reaction.

Does it sound like the Junior will be a good start for me at this point or what do you suggest I get? Im not familiar with the omniblend vs blend or the thermolysis setting vs the flash and I have done both therolysis and blend because I was trained in both but maybe there are just different terms but basically the same. At any rate, does the jr sound like a good investment for someone in my situation?

It sounds like you are on the right track giventhe type of electrolysis you do.
A lot of electrologists have had success with machines like the platinum or platinum pure because of the difference in sensation of the 27 mhz technology when performing thermolysis from what I’ve been able to gather. The newer Xcell machine and Silouette tone’s new touch screen machine have seen similar recomendations I’ve seen about. But these machine are very expensive. The Platinum’s started at 6000 or so last I heard, and the Xcell costs 11000 reportedly.
If all you are doing is strait unpulsed blend and a bit of thermolysis then virtually any professional grade machine will work for that. The junior would have some pulsed modes as well I believe. I’ve seen machines ranging anywhere from $400 -$2000 for everything from Juniors, seniors, senior II’s ST100’s even VMC’s. Any one of these would do what you are doing now with it, and more.

If you happen to be in canada, check out the listings of Kijiji in quebec. There always seems to be a glut of machines there.


If you have the finances then don’t think twice about Apilus 27mhz machines, but I don’t think you should only focus on their 13mhz machines like the Junior just because it’s Apilus brand. You might find other brands that offer better whistles in the category.

I recently had experience from an Apilus Junior and my healing time is over 2 weeks–scabs and very tender skin. I know it has to be from 13mhz because I had similar skin reactions from 13mhz “clunker” from Fischer brand. But when I had treatments with Apilus Platinum in Synchro mode (aggressive) my skin reactions were much, much tamer and never pin-point scabbing and complete healing was never 2 weeks. There is something to the 27mhz machines…