Need your Help


I am a guy 19 years old. One time I took out about 5 hairs in between my eye brows area (on top of nose) with a (pick) i dont know if thats the right word and that area has been red for over 2 months its like a red if i touch it it feels like normal skin. The hair grew back and it has been a long time it looks funny red dot in between my eys is there away i can releive it?

thank you

hi there,

its been red for two months?! that seems oddly long for removing a couple of hairs… whatever the method! Does it itch you, or does it hurt with or without touching it? i think you should see a doctor… only becasue i think two months is a long time. usually redness goes away after few days, if not few hours.
good luck.

It does not itch or feel anything. Its just red spot in between my eyes and looks ugly.