Need your help and advice...Please


I purchased a laser treatment about a week ago, and it was a package that consisted of 6 treatments that I prepaid for because the price was only good for that day. The contract that I signed states a NO REFUND policy. After my purchase I researched electrolysis, and then wanted to go that route instead of laser. I called and wanted to cancel the package and request for a refund. They stated they can’t refund my money, even though I haven’t started any treaments. Do I have any rights in getting my money back, is there a California buyer’s remorse law that applies to this? Your feedback and input would be very much apprciated, on how to get my money back. Thanks - Danny

Buyer’s remorse law is for 3 days, I believe. So that doesn’t apply. But the law where they can’t keep money for treatments they didn’t perform does apply. If you paid with a credit card, you can dispute the charge based on that. Of course, the clinic is going to fight it because you’re trying to get out of the trap that they specifically set.

Btw, what areas and type of hair are you looking to treat?