Need tips for a pretty rare case....

Or I’d imagine I’m a pretty rare case, maybe not.

Okay here’s the short version:

When I was born everything looked as if I were a boy, but things changed after puberty. I was always a very girlish looking child, but my mom thought I would masculinise when I hit my teens, Surprise!

At puberty i developed small breasts and large very feminine hips, but my genitalia also developed regularly. After delving into our families past we found out there is a history of hermaphrodtidity in our family, and figure that’s the case here, though not as severe as most hermaphrodites.

So as it is I’m nearing my 21st birthday. People almost always assume I’m female (I have feminine features, body, and a very in between voice.) I wont however categorize myself to either gender; I don’t feel I have to. I’m very happy with who I am, but there’s one thing that bugs me.

You guessed it, my facial hair.

I didn’t even develop it until halfway though my 19th year (thinking it would never grow after age 18), but now that its here, I want it gone.

I can hide it well enough with cover up, even after a day without shaving, but I can’t stand it. I want my skin completely smooth as it was.

I want to know if that this laser business would be good for me. I’m willing to spend the money if I’m going to get results. I want it done quickly too (as I’m moving away within the year), so electrolysis doesn’t seem feasible

I have light skin and dark hair; it takes me about 1- 2minutes to shave it off if that helps.

Please help! You guys seem to know what you’re talking about and I don’t want to do this without some experienced advice.

First of all, I would IMMEDIATELY see a physician for a full check-up and blood work to determine your hormone levels and find out exactly what is going on. You need to rule out any conditions that might prove problematic down the road. For facial hair, the only thing that I can recommend is electrolsis. You don’t want to spend a huge amount on laser, which may very well end up doing nothing but draining your pocketbook…or might prove to be damaging to your skin. Electrolysis, despite the horror stories, really isn’t all that bad (except around the upper lip…ouch!) and is proven permanent. If your hair isn’t that thick, and you go twice a week for longish sessions, it won’t take as long as you think. Good luck!

Thanks for the info. I saw a doctor when I was younger and everything seems fine.

Does electro cost more or less than Laser? I heard laser is less, though that seems a little strange. I also heard that the recovery time for electro is much longer, and you cant shave between sessions. This would be an issue for me. I’m thinking of having the bulk of it done during my vacation from work if i can.

Bare with me because I’ve just started researching this so i dont know too much about it.

Thanks again!

You got it backwards. Laser has the longer recovery time. You have to stay out of the sun for 6 weeks, you can’t shave for a while afterwards, (they tell you to just let the hairs fall out) but electrolysis allows you to go back to daily life the next day.

If I had you on my table, I could get you to first clearance in a day or two. Once you get there, it is all down hill from there.

As for which is less expensive… well, most people only spend so much on laser before abandoning it, so I guess it is cheaper that way :stuck_out_tongue: But if permanent hair removal the first time is what you want, nothing beats electrolysis.

To my understanding, upper lips is a very painful area with electrolysis. Be prepared.
Usually with Laser, they will lower down the power for the facial area. And if you don’t have very dark facial hair, you might want to consider electrolysis.

Your skin and hair color are right for laser, but if you can shave in 1 or two minutes, you might consider electrolysis. Both hurt, and many who have had both will say it depends on the area. If you are averse to pain, there are plenty of pain reduction suggestions in the Tips section of the forum.

The most painful areas for most people are the lip line and the upper lip near the nostrils, no matter which method you use.

I’m guessing from your description that most is on your chin and around thge mouth. This is where hair usually first begins to appear. It is likely you will see additional hair as you get older. A couple of nthings to consider are the prescription drug Vaniqa, which can help some of us slow the hair growth, or possibly getting on an androgen blocker, which can help prevent new facial hair.

You might also check out the transgender section under Special Issues for some more info on those seeking feminization.

Thank’s for all the advice, I think I’ll look further into electro now. I just want what’s going to be most affective.

The pain factor isn’t really an issue, I have a pretty high tolerance. Thanks for the warnings though.

I would look into the medications, but I dont really want it to alter my body. I’m happy with my body as of now, its just the facial hair that I have problems with.