Need Some Help

I found this forum long time ago and has been a good read.

My problem is I have hairy legs,arms,butt,face,neck, I have little chest and no back hair. I don’t mind it but is a pain when it effects what I can do,sport

I want to get laser done on my face for the fact the job that I want to do you need to be clean cut. As that is hard for me to do because having to shave each day makes me look like that I haven’t shaved and makes me look untidy.

I would like to get my butt and legs done for the fact that it doesn’t look to good. I don’t need for it to be all gone but to reduce it.

Arms I don’t really care.

About me:
Light skin, dark hair.
Age 19

Couple of questions:
If I get my legs, butt done a couple of times and the hair grows back thiner and not as dark will it stay like that or after time will it go back to what it was like before treatments?

I want to clear my neck as the laser seems to effect that area the best by going from the post in this forum and try and clear my face but don’t know as people seem to have problems around the chin & upper lip.

Basiclly I am looking for reduction in the legs, butt, clear the neck & maybe face or reduction in the face. But will going for reduction in the face be risky for patchs and will having laser done on the face, would the hair stay thiner, lighter or would it return to the same before treatments because of shaving.

The clinic has these machines Permalase and Medlite 4. Does anyone know anything about these machines and if they are good.

As I live down south(new zealand) we are limited to 2 different clinics, caci clinic seems to be the best.

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