Need some help

Hi there
Can I began by saying what a relief it is to find this forum and having the chance to talk to people who fully understand eachothers torments. I am 22 and am unbelievabally hairy to the point where my life is ruined. I am going to the States for the summer with the lads and am terrified of them seeing me with my shirt off. I have already made up the excuses in my head for not going to the beach and going swimming and stuff. I am strongly considering getting laser treatment on my arms and back when I go over if I have the money. I seem to have the right skin and hair type to get it but after reading the info on this site I am not so sure. I’m in 2 minds weather to do it or not. Does anybody know how much a full back and arm treatment will set me back. The other alternative is waxing which is probabaly what I am going to end up doing. How much would a full back treatment cost and does anyone know of any practices doing this treatment for men in Boston. Please help I’m pretty desperate. Thanks so much in advance.

It sounds like you should have laser done on your back and trim the remainder of your body hair. The laser treatments can get expensive (maybe $400 to $800 for a full back). And if you decide to trim your body hair, make sure you get an adjustable trimmer so you can easily find a trim depth that makes you happy.

If you decide to wax your back, you could spend between $45 and $80 for a full back and it may only last 10 days to 2 weeks before the hair starts to show again. Waxing is done at most day spas.